Drag Race's Gigi Goode and Crystal Methyd address those romance rumours

In season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we had the love story of Brooke Lynn Hytes and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, and this year, we have the glorious albeit unconfirmed union of Crystal Methyd and Gigi Goode.

The two finalists have never actually hinted at their romance on the show, but the queens sharing a sweet peck during the red, white and blue runway challenge sent rumours spiralling.

And during the remote reunion, we finally got an answer to whether they are dating… sort of.

Speaking to the cast of season 12 via video call, RuPaul asked Crystal and Gigi: ‘I don’t have to tell you, the internet is filled with Drag Race conspiracy theories, and your on camera kiss has fans claiming that you two are dating.

‘So to clear the air, is that fact or fiction?’

And it seems that El DeBarge mullet has been working overtime.

Gigi, 22, said: ‘Well, um, you know Ru, you know just as well as I do that that mullet can really do something to you. I know you know, don’t pretend you don’t. 

‘Before we give the official answer, Crystal, do you wanna say anything? I don’t know, like, if this is the right time…’

Due to lockdown, the final will not be filmed in front of a live studio audience, but instead will happen around the US.

It has been confirmed that in the most technically difficult finale yet, RuPaul and the final three shot the grand final using ‘boundary-pushing technology to highlight the creativity of each queen’ via virtual video.

Gigi, Crystal and Jaida make up the top three, after fellow finalist Sherry Pie was disqualified from the final after being accused of catfishing five actors by posing as an agent and encouraging them to film degrading and embarrassing ‘audition tapes’. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 is available to stream on Netflix. 

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