Duggar fans SHOCKED after dad Jim Bob's 'favorite' child Jessa and husband Ben break major family rule in new photo | The Sun

DUGGAR fans are convinced Jessa's husband Ben broke a major rule set by Jim Bob sipping cocktails on a night out and they're shocked.

The reality TV family follows strict standards of dress and behavior, including abstaining from alcohol.

Jessa, 29, snapped a photo of her husband and their eldest son Spurgeon out to eat over the weekend.

The photo was reposted to Reddit, where users questioned whether or not the large orange drink – which appeared to be a cocktail – was alcoholic or not.

The original poster wrote in their thread: "Someone put this on an FB group and asked if Ben is drinking alcohol? Personally I bet it's a virgin drink but what do y'all think?"

Fans were split on what they thought, with some agreeing that it was likely booze-free, while some thought maybe Ben and Jessa had followed in the footsteps of other more rebellious Duggars.

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One commenter wrote: "Very much doubt it's alcoholic. Ben is way too into the koolaid to drink publicly like that."

Another suggested: "Yeah, I guess I wouldn't be surprised if he drinks occasionally, but it would be hidden in his own kitchen after the kids are in bed if anything."

Someone else wrote: "I've seen two of his sisters with beers before. Maybe? But yeah I'm still leaning toward non alcoholic."

A fourth fan wrote: "Judging by the little hands reaching for it, and his lack of concern, it’s probably just a big glass of Orange juice."

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The majority of the Duggar family follows strict rules pertaining to their dress, their conduct, and more.


Amy Duggar, a member of the Duggar's extended family, previously opened up to The Sun about the judgment she was subject to for not living up to standards set by uncle Jim Bob.

She claims she was scrutinized for her "immodest style" as she was raised by mom Deanna in a significantly less strict household.

Amy recalled: “I was in jeans and bright colored shirts climbing trees. I was a wild tomboy. I loved nature and being outside. I loved music, I could date. I would do all the things normal kids and teenagers would do.

"I was extremely known as the black sheep. They would never say black sheep, but I was like the wild cousin.”

Amy continued that while her style and interests made her a “normal, regular person,” she was cast as the “bad, wild girl.”

She added: “I was like what the heck? Why am I wild in their eyes? I couldn't spend the night, they couldn't be in my car. There were several things that I was like, ‘What did I do? Why am I so wrong?' 

“Now I see it as more of a protective measure.”

Amy admitted she felt “absolutely” judged by her cousins, but insisted they “just didn’t know better.”

She added: “I'm a little different than they were, but it didn't make me wrong. I wasn't wearing what they were wearing, I wasn't talking the way they were talking. I could watch TV. I could go to the movies and mall and they honestly couldn't. 

“It set me apart without really trying to. They were sheltered growing up.”

Amy is often seen as the most rebellious Duggar, but she's not the only one to stray from family rules.


Her cousins Jana, Jill, Jinger, and more have started wearing jeans, showing their shoulders, wearing short dresses, and more.

Amy said of her cousins defying her uncle’s rules: “I'm very proud of them. They're all very sweet. They're growing and evolving. We're all doing that. It's exciting to see.”

Jill, who is now estranged from her family, is also seen as highly rebellious.

She sends her children to public school, has piercings, wears pants, and has been seen sipping alcohol.

She opened up about being estranged from her family in 2021, revealing the challenges she's faced.


Jill and her husband Derick answered fan questions about the separation in a new Youtube video.

The reality star couple sat on their couch as they discussed "Family, Science & Enneagrams!" with their followers.

After sharing the fan question: "Do ya'll ever visit the big house?" Jill explained: "The big house is my parent's house.

"Not much, we actually haven't been over there in a while, probably like a couple years, other than once to check the mail.

"But yeah there's some restrictions, but also we just feel like in this season of life we have to prioritize our like mental and emotional health and all that," she confessed.

"Our threshold, as I like to call it is just a little bit lower in this season of life for us with a lot going on in our own life."

Derick then chimed in as he admitted of the Duggar home: "There's a lot of triggers there."

"Plus Covid just makes it a lot harder right now with trying to keep our circle smaller and everything," Jill continued.

"We'd like for it to not stay that way, but that's where we're at right now."

The young parents have rebelled from Jim Bob, Michelle, and the rest of the family over the last few years after the patriarch of the family withheld compensation from them for their appearances on Counting On.

Jill has since adopted a much more relaxed lifestyle, forsaking some modesty and her parent's strict rulings.

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Derick spoke exclusively to The Sun this past June about their deviation from the rest of the family, as he claimed that Jim Bob prohibited them from visiting the house unless he was present.

“I think he’s mainly worried about the influence we might have on his children," the father of two shared.

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