EastEnders actress Clair Norris gives soap fans a rare glimpse behind the scenes as Bernadette returns to the show

EASTENDERS star Clair Norris gave soap fans a rare glimpse behind the scenes as her character Bernadette returns to the soap.

The 22-year-old actress joined EastEnders as Bernadette, step-sibling to Keanu, Chatham and Riley Taylor and Keegan Baker, in 2017.

Karen's daughter hasn’t been seen much on EastEnders recently after her dark past was revealed back in July.

But she celebrated her return with a photo taken in her dressing room, referencing Will Ferrel's hit 2003 Christmas Movie Elf.

She said: "❄️ Bernie Giving Will Ferrell A Run For His Money ~ ELF 2? ❄️"

Her fans were delighted with her post, with one writing: "Great to see you back on screen! They need to use Bernie more 🙌"

Another said: "So glad to see Bernie back on screen ❤️"

Bernie was back on screen giving her mum Karen advice over her struggles with Billy Mitchell.

The laundrette assistant – played by Lorraine Stanley in the popular BBC One soap – is missing her daughter Chantelle Atkins, who was murdered by her husband back in September.

With her first Christmas without her daughter fast approaching, the mum-of-six doesn't have a lot of festive spirit left in her to celebrate.

To make matters worse, Chantelle's abusive husband Gray has demanded that he is the one that spends time with his children Mackenzie and Mia on Christmas day.

Mitch Baker (Karen's ex) decided that the best thing to do for the family is to not celebrate the annual holiday this year.

But boyfriend Billy wasn't told about the plans and decided to organise a little surprise for his lover, which involved a special costume.

Tonight's episode follows the aftermath of his surprise and the laundrette assistant still isn't happy, which leads her to overthink about her relationship with the funeral director.

Karen ponders about her future and starts to wonder if Billy is the right person for her – eventually ending their relationship.

Last night Billy also walked in on ex-wife Honey and foster son Jay having a smooch.

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