EastEnders Alfies future – Linda Carter fling, kidnapped by Phil and Kat affair

Alfie Moon makes a heartwarming confession to ex-wife Kat Slater in EastEnders tonight (October 13).

After making an intervention at a wedding, Kat praises him and Alfie becomes hopeful that their relationship could be on the mend.

However, with Kat currently in a relationship with Phil and Alfie seemingly desperate to win her back, viewers have begun to speculate about their future together.

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Will Kat and Alfie reunite? And how will Phil react if they embark on an affair?

Or will Alfie find love with another Albert Square resident?

As viewers wait to find out what will happen next, Daily Star takes a closer look at fan theories surrounding Alfie Moon.

Linda Carter fling

Alfie's sudden arrival on the square took everyone by surprise, but it seems he has found an unlikely friend in Linda Carter.

Many viewers have noticed a simmering chemistry between the two, with some fans speculating that the two Albert Square residents could have a potential fling.

One said: "Obviously I love Kat and Alfie together more than anything, but these recent interactions between Linda and Alfie are making me very excited! I love how well they gel together."

A second added: "With it being heavily rumoured that Mick might get killed off at xmas by Janine, this makes me thing that like Linda did with Max, she'll attempt to sleep with Alfie."

Linda and Alfie also have a mutual disliking of Phil Mitchell, so could a potential fling between the couple bring Kat back into Alfie's arms?

Fans certainly seem to think so, with one saying: "I liked how Alfie and Linda opened up tonight on a range of things from Linda's disapproval of Phil – remember Phil attempted to buy the pub pre-lockdown which Linda didn't want and Alfie opening up on his days behind the bar with Kat," followed by a smiling face emoji surrounded by love hearts.

A fourth added: "Kat may get jealous and end things with Phil."

One fan even suggested that Alfie could have an ulterior motive for his fling with Linda – to win The Queen Vic back for him and Kat.

They said: "With Mick coming out of the show soon don't be surprised Kat and Alfie are back behind the Queen Vic bar soon!"

Kidnapped by Phil

Viewers were less than impressed with Phil Mitchell, after he went away and left Kat on her own recently.

Although he has since returned, some fans think this could push Kat and Alfie into each other's arms – leading to a potential feud with Kat's new lover if they embark on an affair.

"That longing look between Kat and Alfie, oh there's definitely an affair rising and I can't wait," said one fan.

"Thank you Phil. You leaving has just pushed Kat and Alfie together," added a second.

A third commented: "Kat and Alfie are definitely gonna be back together by the time Phil comes back."

Other viewers speculated that Phil could even take matters further and kidnap Alfie for interfering in his romance with Kat, with a fourth suggesting: "Alfie Moon's kidnapping is organised either by Phil or Sam Mitchell."

That's not all, as some suspect that Alfie's sudden arrival on the square could be do with Phil and not Kat after all – with fans suggesting that Alfie could working with DCI Keeble to bring Phil down.

"I still think Alfie could be in cahoots with Keeble, but I could be wrong on that one. It's still a good twist though and it makes sense given that both parties are against Phil. Despite Alfie making out that he isn't. Alfie is desperate to win Kat back," commented a fifth.

Romance rekindled

EastEnders fans were delighted after Alfie Moon returned to Albert Square – much to the surprise of ex-wife Kat.

Although Kat is in a relationship with Phil Mitchell, fans have noticed signs that their romance could be brewing again.

Many hope that the couple will get back together, with one viewer saying: "Seeing Kat and Alfie getting closer, as well as Suki and Eve, it warmed my heart. My 2 favourite ships!"

"Kat and Alfie looking at each for a little too long…they're pulling at my heart strings," added a second, while a third commented: "Kat and Alfie will definitely be back together by Christmas."

A fourth fan begged: "Need Kat and Alfie back together ASAP."

"Kat and Alfie are still my OG," said a fifth, adding: "I will never forget that night he went through hell and back for a condom."

"I'm still convinced Kat and Alfie will get back together in the long term," agreed a sixth.

Just good friends

Although there are signs that their romance could be brewing once more, some fans do not think that Kat and Alfie should get back together.

Instead, they think that Kat should try to make her romance with Phil work, with one saying: "I used to like Kat and Alfie together, but now he just gets on my nerves and I really want Kat and Phil to make a go of it."

A second said that Kat and Alfie can still be close as friends, adding: "I enjoyed the Kat and Alfie stuff tonight – that's how it should've been when he returned. Just them reminding us why they belong together. Not him relentlessly hounding her to reunite and not respecting her wishes."

A third agreed, saying: "Heading back to Alfie and I actually like the rose scene where Kat and Alfie agreed to be friends. Alfie was less 'forceful' in this scene and I think as well it laid his genuine feelings for Kat out bare for us all to see."

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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