EastEnders fans distracted by funeral gaffe as Whitney plans Kush’ service

EastEnders fans were left baffled by a blunder as Whitney spoke about planning Kush Kazemi’s funeral.

Whitney discussed the funeral plans with Sonia, but admitted she didn’t know what he wanted.

"We should be planning our wedding now," Whitney said wistfully.

"I don’t know what he wanted. A Muslim funeral or something else," she admitted.

Thankfully, Martin came to the rescue and revealed he and Kush had talked about it "because of Covid."

"We helped sort each other’s wills out," he explained, reminding her, "You’re not alone in this."

And eventually Sonia encouraged Whitney to come back inside, saying: "Come on, let’s sort this funeral out."

But viewers were baffled as to why the responsibility of the funeral would be left to Whitney, after they’d only been dating a few months.

One incredulous viewer wrote on Twitter: "Course you don’t know what he wants Whitney. You were only together 2 weeks."

Another penned: "Whitney’s doing his funeral?!"

A third baffled fan posted: "Why are the square organising Kush's funeral when he has family to do that? So far fetched."

But later, it was revealed that Carmel wanted Kush's body flown to Dubai rather than return to Walford for the funeral.

"But why?" Whitney begged an apologetic Martin. "We're engaged. She knows we're engaged."

"She can't come back here, not after Shakeed. And Kush. It's just too much for her. But we can still do our own memorial here," Martin told her.

"I don't want a memorial!" Whitney exploded. "I want a funeral for my fiancé."

Others were more baffled over Whitney's track record with men, with one commenting: "I'm sorry but Whitney will be with someone else by the end of May."

Another said: "'We should be planning our wedding now' is Whitney's catchphrase."

Others felt more sympathy towards the grieving Whitney, writing: "Whitney wanted to plan her future with Kush. Kush made such an impact on everyone in the square. The sooner Gray gets what is coming to him the better it would be for everyone."

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