EastEnders spoiler sees Stacey hospitalised as Prince Charles and Camilla visit Walford

It’s a big week on Albert Square as Mick and Linda (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) prepare for a royal knees-up like no other. They’re determined to celebrate the Jubilee in style, but what will Prince Charles and Camilla think of the festivities.

Despite the grandeur of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s visit, it’s not all rosy for the Carters as Nancy (Maddy Hill) finds out she’s lost the lease on her new restaurant. Linda works out that Janine (Charlie Brooks) is behind the scam and Sharon resolved to serve up some long awaited comeuppance.

Elsewhere on the square, Stacey (Lacey Turner) is rushed to hospital after sustaining an injury that leads to sepsis. Doctors do their best to hold back the infection, but what does this mean for Stace?

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Mick and Linda celebrate the Jubilee in style by throwing a right royal knees-up with two special guests – Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. But what will the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall make of Albert Square’s hoi polloi?

It’s not all celebration for the Carters, either. Nancy loses out on the lease for her new restaurant unit and Linda realises it was Janine’s doing.

Linda considers her options, as a furious Sharon decides it’s time Janine got her comeuppance

Stacey tries to downplay a wound she got in a tussle with Jean, but collapses and is rushed to hospital. Her nearest and dearest are horrified to learn she could be developing sepsis.

Doctors manage to hold back the infection, and the scare prompts Kheerat to declare his love. However, Stacey is furious when she discovers he has told doctors that Jean caused her injury.

Denise looks set to sell the salon. She’s in for a surprise, though, when an unexpected investor – Linda – reveals an interest. While both Denise and Jack have their doubts about the matter, they sign the deal anyway, happy to be keeping their business.

Jada and Zack spend the day together. Jada misreads the situation and tries to kiss him. Hurt by his rejection, she tells Sharon that he kissed her.

Bernie looks on as Rainie and Stuart picnic with little Roland. She tells Rainie, who is preoccupied with how much Stuart is struggling, that she is in the process of getting the official parental order sorted out.

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