EastEnders spoilers: A shocking Mitchell family secret is set to be revealed tonight – but what is it? – The Sun

One member of the clan will be dumbstruck when they learn a shocking truth.

The Mitchell clan will all be rallying around Phil’s bed in EastEnders tonight as his life still hangs in the balance following last Friday’s attack.

As expected, with a group of Mitchells in one room, it’s only a matter of time before  tensions start running high.

And one person is set to learn a shocking truth that will leave them dumbstruck.

With so many secrets being sat on by the Mitchells at the moment, which one looks set to be revealed?

Let’s remind ourselves of everything everyone is hiding…

Keanu and Sharon’s fling

It’s well documented by now that Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor had a steamy fling last year.

They even left a message on Keanu’s now-girlfriend, Louise Mitchell, of the pair of them romping in a car in The Arches.

And it was more than a fling for Keanu who ended up confessing to Sharon that he had fallen in love with her.

The pair were even planning to run off together with Sharon’s son, Dennis, at one point.

This didn’t happen however as Phil packed Sharon off to visit her half-sister, Vicky, in Australia late last year.

By the time Sharon returned to Walford in the New Year she’d decided that she couldn’t continue sneaking around behind Phil’s back with the hunky mechanic as it was too dangerous for them both.

Keanu was heart-broken, but they shared one last romp together back in May.

Which brings us on to…

Keanu being the father of Sharon’s unborn baby

No one was more surprised than Sharon to discover she was pregnant.

She even considered getting a termination because she was in such a panic about not knowing who the father was.

Phil found out her secret though and – assuming he was the dad – couldn’t keep the exciting news to himself.

Words quickly got back to Keanu who questioned Sharon about the baby’s paternity.

She was adamant that the child she’s carrying is Phil’s, but Keanu didn’t look quite so convinced.

And he was right to be doubtful.

Sharon decided to do a DNA test to find out once and for all who’s oats she was sowing.

She was horrified when the results came back revealing Phil was not the father.

In a rather silly move – instead of burning the paper and never speaking of it again – she tore it into pieces and shoved them in her bag.

A move we’ve no doubt will bite her in the behind at some point.

Ben is framing Keanu for the attack on Phil

We all know that it was Stacey Fowler who dealt the blow that left Phil fighting for his life, but Ben wasn’t one to miss an opportunity to make things work for him.

Having learned that Keanu had usurped him in Phil’s will, Ben called the mechanic and arranged to meet him at The Arches.

With a gun.

But it turned out he didn’t even need to use it as the Slaters had already provided him with the perfect opportunity to get Keanu out of the way.

He planted Keanu’s overalls before speaking to the police and telling them his dad and brother-in-law-to-be had been arguing earlier.


Stacey Slater was the one who attacked Phil

Stacey has gone on the run with Martin and two of her three kids – little Arthur drew the short straw, staying in the Square with Kush Kazemi – which doesn’t look suspicious at all.

At the moment Ben – along with Martin, Kat and Jean – are the only ones who know the truth about what happened in the Arches that night.

Could Ben let the truth slip to one of the clan?

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