EastEnders spoilers: Billy Mitchell homeless in heartbreaking new storyline

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EastEnders favourite Billy Mitchell has been revealed to be homeless – with the long-standing resident of the Square secretly living in the car lot.

The character, played by Perry Fenwick, has fallen on hard times and is trying to hide it from his nearest and dearest.

Proud Billy has been keeping his family away from his ‘new place’, boasting that he’s on the up with a flash pad that he can finally call his own.

But when his kids, Janet and Will wanted to come over to spend time with their dad he got defensive, putting them off staying by claiming he hadn’t unpacked yet.

While the kids didn’t seem to notice, even excitedly telling their mum Honey (Emma Barton) of their dad’s new home, it became clear that there was more going on than meets the eye.

Soon things began to unravel thanks to Terry Cant (played by Brian Conley) who has developed a rivalry with Billy.

With both men eager to prove their worth, they went head-to-head to prove themselves a better salesmen, and Billy wasn’t happy when Terry managed to win the challenge by selling a pair of boxing gloves.

Desperate to save another blow to his ego, he later faces Terry in a game of table football.

Smashing his competitor, Billy celebrates by taking Honey, Janet and Will out to dinner at the chip shop with the £20 he won off his rival.

After a night with the family, Billy picked up the last of his chips and headed home… only for viewers to discover that his supposed lush new home is actually the car lot office.

Sitting there alone with a sad look on his face, he made up a bed using a sleeping bag he’d hidden and finished his dinner.

The show has been dropping hints for a while about what could be going on with Billy, with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) complaining that he ‘stank’ and demanded he have a shower.

However, it was clear Phil thought something else was wrong, but didn’t bring it up.

Will he be able to reach out to someone to tell them the truth?

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