EastEnders Spoilers: Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell's secret romance will be exposed as his brother Stuart catches them kissing

IT looks like confused Callum Highway’s sexuality secret could be made public knowledge sooner than he hoped for when his sociopath brother, Stuart, spots Ben Mitchell kissing him in EastEnders next week.

Troubled Callum – whose romance with Ben has fans hooked to the BBC soap – is pressing ahead with plans to marry girlfriend Whitney Dean, when she suggests he invites his dad to their wedding.

After chatting things over with Stuart, Callum reaches out to his dad, Jonno, and the brothers finally meet up with him.

But Stuart is left smarting when he tries to spend some quality time with his little bro, only to be rebuffed.

The psycho – who’s played by Ricky Champ – is put out even further when he discovers Callum and Jonno having a cosy drink in the Vic.

Ben soon arrives and starts subtly chiding Jonno and it’s not long before the pair are at each other’s throat in the pub toilets.

Later, Callum – actor Tony Clay – and Ben meet up and have a frank discussion about dads, with Ben offering his words of advice about his own experiences with his father, Phil.

As they prepare to go their separate ways, Ben – Walford newcomer Max Bowden – leans in and plants a kiss on Callum’s cheek, unaware that Stuart has watched the entire exchange.

The next day Callum is left feeling mortified when Stuart reveals he saw him with Ben the night before.

What happens next starts a chain reaction that will change Stuart and Callum’s relationship forever.

‘Enders fans are loving the illicit romance between Callum and Ben, with some even claiming they’re obsessed with the couple.

They first hooked up earlier this month in the playground where they ripped each others clothes off and fell on the grass after tensions boiled over.

One viewer said: "I can't deal with the tension between Ben and Callum."

Another wrote: "Officially obsessed with Ben and Callum. Please send help."

One more remarked: "That last scene with Ben and Callum… It was emotional, intense and electric! And I loved the way it was filmed,especially the kiss. I was watching with baited breath! Great job to everyone involved!"
But it doesn’t look like this path to true love will run smoothly with actor Tony saying his character will be caught between lover Ben and brother Stuart in upcoming episodes.

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