EastEnders spoilers: Jean convinces Lily to take her bipolar medication

WHILE her grandmother struggles with her mental health, Lily Slater has shown concern over her own well-being.

Adamant on taking care of Jean, the youngster falls into a trap and takes her bipolar medication next week in EastEnders.

Lily (portrayed by Lillia Turner) has been a witness to many difficult situations over the years, which include watching her mother develop postpartum psychosis and suffer from horrific hallucinations.

But when she realises both Stacey (played by Lacey Turner) and her grandmother Jean (Gillian Wright) both deal with bipolar disorder, a hereditary condition, Lily begins to worry about her mental health.

In recent episodes, however, Lily has been preoccupied by the cleaner following a manic episode which almost cost her her life in Southend.

When Jean is brought back home from the hospital after being tormented in her unit, Lily takes it upon herself to take care of her grandmother.

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Yet, her latent worries over her own state of mind resurface quickly – and Jean succeeds in convincing her to take her bipolar medication.

Coming up, Stacey first refuses to let her daughter miss out on school to look after Jean but when she sees how much the latter needs Lily, she apprehensively agrees.

Unbeknownst to the owner of Stacey's Baps, Lily is already taking Jean's medication.

When Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) begins to worry about Lily, she suggests that she should spend some time with Martin.

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Chaos ensues in the following days as Jean continues to refuse help from Stacey.

Lily eventually comes back to the Slaters' and Jean is still wanting support from the eleven-year-old.

Stacey has no choice and puts her foot down – Lily won't be taking care of Jean anymore.

Will she realise what Lily and Jean have been up to behind her back?

As mentioned above, Lily is distressed over her mental health.

She was previously kept in the dark by Stacey in the midst of Jean's relapse.

This led to her acting out when Stacey and Martin went to Southend to look for Jean.

Missing school, she was also caught shoplifting and brought back home by copper Callum Highway.

When Kat asked her why she would resort to theft at a time where her family was already on tenterhooks, Lily admitted it should be obvious – she inherited bipolar from her mother and nan.

Will Lily realise she could be wrong?

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How will Stacey react when she finds out she has been taking Jean's medication?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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