EastEnders theory: Janine Butcher suffers double blow with pregnancy after losing Scarlett

EastEnders: Frankie walks in as Janine and Mick kiss

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Janine Butcher (played by Charlie Brooks) had her eye on EastEnders landlord Mick (Danny Dyer) the moment she met him. She even put the final nail in the coffin regarding his marriage to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) by tracking her down and convincing her to get back on the booze and leave Mick. However, although Mick has made clear he and Janine are officially an item, he has had his struggles with the relationship. Janine becomes preoccupied with Scarlett’s hearing and if it doesn’t go her way, Mick is likely to be there to support her. However, could things get more complicated if she finds out in the coming weeks she is carrying his baby?

In upcoming episodes of the BBC soap, Janine becomes annoyed with Mick keeping a distance.

She wakes up without him by her side and knows he is avoiding her.

Concerned by his behaviour, she confides in Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and admits they haven’t been intimate together.

Things become even more awkward when Janine attempts to comfort Mick about his intimacy issues but he brushes off the subject.

Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) overhears, so Mick admits his relationship troubles.

To make matters worse, Janine visits Billy to give him a present for his birthday, and he reveals Mick once had a thing with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty). A jealous Janine warns her away from Mick.

Meanwhile, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) has a heart-to-heart with Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) about Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), but she is furious when an oblivious Mitch interrupts.

Annoyed, she gives him a reality check about listening to people, which makes him think again about Mick.

He becomes determined to listen and help Mick as much as he can.

Mitch apologises to Mick for being awkward and asks him more about his troubles, leading Mick to admit his mind is stopping him from being intimate.

Mitch tries his best to give Mick some useful advice to help him overcome his issues.

However, Janine once again fails to seduce Mick. Fed up, she tells Billy that if the judge gives her custody of Scarlett Butcher (Tabitha Byron) at the hearing, she will leave Walford.

She tells Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) and Scarlett that if she gets custody, they will be moving to Australia.

Still furious, she tells Mick she doesn’t want his support at the hearing.

Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) picks up on the atmosphere and suggests Mick is more romantic.

With her advice in mind, he decides to take Janine out on a date.

However as Janine gets ready, she realises her clothes have shrunk in the wash but she has an idea.

Her plan backfires and on their date at Walford East, Janine and Mick laugh the incident off but the mood turns when Mick makes an admission.

However, with the two able to bring more humour into their relationship, will they be able to calm the mood and have an honest discussion?

Mick is later touched when Janine brings him a slice of cake to mark Tina Carter’s (Luisa Bradshaw-White) birthday and they head to court for Scarlett’s hearing together.

With Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) nowhere to be found and Scarlett’s hearing about to start, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) offers to go to court on Kat Slater’s (Jessie Wallace) behalf.

At the hearing, Eve reads out a touching statement for Kat. Could this cost Janine her chances to get custody of Scarlett?

It’s likely that, since Scarlett prefers to live with Kat also, and Eve’s lawyer skills helping with Kat’s case, Janine will lose custody.

Furthermore, Scarlett was probably scared by the Australia news, which won’t have helped matters.

Heartbroken, she and Mick could end up getting drunk together to drown their sorrows after the trial.

Drunk and with Mitch’s advice on his mind, Mick may be able to overcome his worries and be intimate with Janine.

Still devastated by the custody trial, Janine might realise in a few weeks she is pregnant.

As she’s desperate for herself and Mick to be a serious couple together, will she be pleased by the news?

Or will it be a reminder that she has lost one child already and that Mick isn’t ready for such a big step with her?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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