Emmerdale Christmas spoilers – Dingle drama, double baby twist and new romance

Emmerdale Christmas will be "explosive" for some, as the 2019 spoilers and storylines have been confirmed with just weeks to go.

There'll be family drama for the Dingles and the Tates it seems, while new romances will also form in the village.

Ahead of a shocking death and a whodunnit in January, there's a devastating family secret, two baby bombshells and a surprise kiss under the mistletoe – and that's just Christmas, with plenty more happening in 2020.

Producer Kate Brooks told Inside Soap magazine: "We have a few tricks up our sleeves with some twists and turns. On Christmas Day, a lot of secrets will be unpacked and families thrown into disarray. People think they get the Christmas they wanted – but it might not turn out that way.

"It’s very family-centric, big on drama with explosive revelations, relationships unraveling, and people getting together. There is a lot going on! We have a lot going on with the Dingles – and Home Farm is one that you should keep your eye on.

"You can’t have Kim Tate as the mother of that big house without drama!"

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  • Emmerdale's Maya abandons baby on Jacob's doorstep in Christmas bombshell

Dingle family drama

The Dingles will be one of the families taking centre stage this Christmas, with plenty of drama.

Cain Dingle is still struggling with the news Nate Robinson is his secret son, not to mention his wife Moira cheated on him with the newcomer.

His nephew Aaron Dingle is also facing heartache, after husband Robert Sugden asked for a divorce after being sent to prison.

Then there's Vinny's real identity yet to be confirmed.

As Christmas approaches, drama hits the family as several stories collide – with a lot going on with the Dingle clan.

Will Cain forgive Nate, and will we finally learn who Vinny is?

With secrets to be unraveled and characters forced to face up to recent events, will there be any Christmas cheer?  

Maya dumps baby on Jacob's doorstep

Maya Stepney appears to leave her newborn baby on the doorstep of her victim and stepson Jacob Gallagher, and his father David Metcalfe.

Maya was seeing David while she was grooming and abusing teenage Jacob, before recent scenes revealed she was heavily pregnant after being released from prison.

It's not yet been confirmed who the dad is, with this secret set to go on for a while after the baby is abandoned in the village.

Speaking to Mirror Online at the Emmerdale Christmas press event, Executive Producer Jane Hudson teased: "I think David and Jacob have been on such a journey. We got to a point where Jacob had started to move on and get his life back on track.

"He'd started to behave his age again, like a teenager. David was getting back on track too and life was good.

"They're having a nice Christmas, then all of a sudden there's a baby on the doorstep. It's not what they expected.

"It's going to have a massive effect and when they find out who the father is… if it's Maya's baby. For both of them it's going to have a massive effect. But for whoever the dad is, it's going to have a massive impact."

Graham Foster exposes Andrea Tate baby bombshell

Emmerdale's Graham Foster will tear the Tate family apart this Christmas, as he drops a devastating bombshell.

Spoilers have revealed that the character, who will be murdered in January, will confirm a huge secret set to change evertyhing.

The character, played by actor Andrew Scarborough, decides to ruin Christmas for the Tates as he shares the fact he could be Millie's real father.

He had a fling with Andrea years ago, with her never knowing if Graham or husband Jamie Tate was the father of her child.

This Christmas, Graham will tell Jamie the truth sparking a Who's the Daddy? storyline in a few weeks time.

Child abuse reveal

Jimmy King faces fresh accusations of child abuse in the coming episodes after an attack on little Archie in his care.

Viewers know it's his jealous stepbrother Arthur Thomas who is tormenting him, but Jimmy comes under suspicion again as the youngster goes missing.

Actor Nick Miles who plays him confirmed that the plot will run up towards Christmas , so will this be when the devastating truth is exposed?

Or might there even be festive trouble for Jimmy?

New romances

Producer Kate also hinted that new relationships would form over the festive period, amidst all the drama.

Now, at an Emmerdale press day, Executive Producer Jane Hudson teased romance could be on the cards for Liam and Leyla in the fallout to his fiancée Bernice's exit.

The pair share a little kiss at the Christmas panto, but who knows where it will lead.

What else is coming up?

Noah Dingle will be left fighting for his life after collapsing in the woods, after taking drugs.

Meanwhile, Victoria Sugden will fear she won't be able to love her rapist's baby as she gives birth.

Graham will be killed off in January 2020 in a special week of episodes, while it's not yet clear whether Noah and Victoria's scenes play out at Christmas or New Year.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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