Emmerdale confirms second storm death – and we're all heartbroken

Tonight’s Emmerdale left us all in pieces as Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) is dead, the latest victim of the killer storm.

Last night’s episode saw her flattened by a caravan as she pushed husband Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) to safety. While Vinny was able to get free, Liv was crushed by the vehicle.

As paramedics arrived, Emmerdale residents cleared the roads, while Liv’s family waited for news on her condition. Unfortunately, there was nothing paramedics could do except make her comfortable.

Due to the way the caravan had crushed her lower body, any attempt to move it or Liv would result in her death.

It was left to Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to deliver the heartbreaking news to Vinny, Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Aaron (Danny Miller).

Aaron was first to say his goodbyes, apologising for not being around. Liv thanked him for saving her and giving her the life she has now, which left us all in floods of tears.

When we thought it couldn’t get any more emotional, it was Vinny’s turn to lay his heart on his sleeve.

He told her that she could have whatever she wanted, and we melted when she said she already had it.

They went on to make plans for their future, despite knowing there was no way out for Liv.

As they confessed their love for one another, Liv slipped away in Vinny’s arms.

Emmerdale has certainly lost a well-loved character, as Vinny and Aaron’s worlds are changed forever.

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