Emmerdale fans baffled by Wendy job blunder as she continues to work as nurse

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Emmerdale fans were left baffled during Thursday night's episode (May 26) of the soap as Wendy Posner continues to work as a nurse.

In September last year, Wendy had a dramatic face-off with her ex-husband Russ who forced her to reveal that she was never qualified as a nurse.

But despite this, Wendy, played by Susan Cookson, continues to work as a nurse and was there to support Faith Dingle when she saw her in the hospital.

Seeing Faith sat with another nurse, Wendy asked: "Faith, is everything okay? Are you visiting someone? Only, well you look a bit peaky yourself."

Viewers took to social media to express confusion at how she is still able to work in a hospital.

One wrote: "Why is that nurse woman still a nurse…didn't she admit she hadn't ever qualified? #Emmerdale."

"I take it the writers have forgotten they did an entire plot line where it was discovered Wendy failed to complete her nursing training and isn't qualified to nurse. #Emmerdale," another penned.

A third questioned: "Am I wrong but Wendy isn’t a qualified nurse is she!? #Emmerdale."

"@emmerdale how is Wendy working in a hospital now she’s a fake nurse lol," a user quipped.

While a fifth asked: "Thought Wendy wasn't a qualified nurse? #Emmerdale."

Last year, Russ arrived in the village and puzzled viewers over the hold he had on Wendy, forcing her to become part of his plan to scam Victoria out of her son’s inheritance.

When her guilty conscience got the better of her, she ran to convince Vic to change her mind about handing over the money.

She was forced to explain that Russ was blackmailing her with a secret that could land her time in prison.

Victoria eventually discovered the truth about Wendy’s employment history when she admitted she has never qualified as a nurse, despite practicing in the village.

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