Emmerdale fans horrified by gory flash-forward of wedding day carnage – with three characters fighting for lives

EMMERDALE fans were left horrified tonight after being shown a gory flash-forward scene following the upcoming wedding day carnage.

The ITV soap has teased that three villagers' lives will be left hanging in the balance in the aftermath of the tragedy, with at least one of them meeting their end. 

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And tonight’s episode of Emmerdale confirmed which characters could die as a flash-forward scene revealed Liv, Paul and Jimmy fighting for their lives in hospital.

The three villagers were seen covered in cuts and wired up to machines – and viewers were horrified. 

One fan said: "Liv AND Jimmy AND Paul? #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Oh my god. NAH if Liv or Jimmy die I’ll be FUMING."

A third chimed in with just: "OHMYGOD!!!!! #emmerdale."

Later in the episode, and back in the present day, it all kicked off on the morning of the wedding as Paul forced Vinny to read through his best man speech. 

Paul turned nasty as he heard Vinny speak about how much he and Mandy were in love, accusing his son of making the speech “cheesy”.

As Vinny stepped backwards away from Paul, he tripped over and lay on the floor in terror.

Paul then pressed his boot on Vinny’s stomach as he warned him not to ruin his big day. 

Later, Aaron found Vinny doubled over in pain and clutching his stomach, and begged him to come clean about the abuse. 

Meanwhile, Liv cornered Paul in the wedding barn and confronted him for what he was putting Vinny through. 

When Paul tried to brush off her concerns by pointing out he had a wedding to prepare for, Liv said: “Not sure Mandy’s going to want to marry you, if she knows what you’ve been doing to her son.”

Paul laughed: “What I’ve been doing? You might need to be a bit more specific than that.”

Liv let rip and accused Paul of putting Vinny in hospital, but he was having none of it and turned towards the exit, which Liv was blocking.

Paul hissed: “I’m starting to lose patience with this. Get out of my way.

“What if I don’t?” Liv asked calmly.

Paul glared at her and warned: “I’m not in the mood to play games today. So unless you want to find out.”

It was recently revealed that the soap is planning a huge stunt with a deadly barn explosion.

Will Paul try to blow up Liv to stop her exposing his abuse?

Elsewhere this week, Jimmy is embroiled in a horrific car accident after Juliette Holliday tries to kidnap Carl.

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