Emmerdale fans seriously distracted as Zak Dingle knocks back pints at The Woolpack – but can you spot why?

EMMERDALE fans have been left scratching their heads after spotting soap stalwart Zak Dingle boozing in The Woolpack multiple nights in a row.

Viewers have spotted Zak – who is played by Steve Halliwell – in the pub several times in the last week, involving himself in other people’s business and often chipping in with comments. 

Last night, Zak got himself involved in a conversation about menstruation with Rhona, Marlon and Bob as they discussed April’s bullying, which the youngster had tried to hide by pretending she’d got her first period.

Oblivious to the trolling, Bob chimed in and said he knew hot water bottles did wonders for women on their periods.

Growing flustered, he added that Wendy used to knock up “menstruation kits” for the local schools, which included menstrual cups.

Has Zak won the lottery"

Zak was clearly baffled but joined in the conversation anyway, speaking about his daughter Belle’s experience with menstruation.

He revealed that she used to have a day off every month but that it may have been an excuse to “stay at home and watch films with her mother.”

Fans were distracted by Zak and how he could afford to knock back so many pints at the pub.

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One said: “Has Zak won the lottery? He’s in the pub in every scene. Good to see him back tho #emmerdale.”

Another baffled fan added: “What Zak doing in Emmerdale in the pub sitting up the corner … and he gets paid for that?”

A third chimed in: “Zack always in the pub but never works ? #Emmerdale”

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