Emmerdale fans slam incompetent police after Meena case blunders

Emmerdale viewers have been left puzzled after a string of gaffes in the way "incompetent" police are handling the Meena case.

Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) is currently behind bars on suspicion of murdering Ben Tucker, when it was actually murderous Meena (Paige Sandhu), and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) is desperate to get her out.

The latest instalment of the ITV soap saw cops quizzing Meena's sister Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) – who the killer confessed to before she did a runner – but the police decided it still wasn't enough to free poor Liv and confirmed she is staying in jail for the time being.

Viewers have now weighed in on Twitter, saying the way the police are handling it is a bit ropey.

"Manpreet telling the cops how Meena confessed yet won't let Liv out on lack of evidence yet have none on Liv either – these police are s***," posted one.

"FFS #Emmerdale – making the cops look stupid," said another.

"The same cops who threw Liv into prison on hearsay but now saying there is no evidence against Meena. Get some new scriptwriters, and just tell her FFS Mac," said another.

One viewer asked: "Why has no one even bothered to bring back or interview David and Vic, after all they were on the adventure stint and have evidence, incompetent cops."

Another person pointed out: "So this alone would enable Liv an appeal as new evidence has come forward. The writing is terrible."

"So this policeman is basically saying Meena is innocent," said another. "The police are so stupid in #Emmerdale."

One fan wondered why it had taken the police such a long time to speak to Manpreet.

Another sniped: "The police are worried about not having enough evidence to charge Meena, when they literally don't have any to charge Liv and yet they did… are we sure the Hotten police weren't trained by the Met?"

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