Emmerdale kidnapping horror leaves Jimmy and Nicola King at war

Emmerdale is set to launch a new plot with one of the village children – Jimmy King’s (Nick Miles) little son Carl Holliday (Charlie Munro Joyce).

Married couple Jimmy and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) have no idea that Carl’s mum Juliette Holliday (Amelia Curtis) is back in the Yorkshire Dales.

Appearing in secret, Juliette starts watching the family together, and it quickly becomes clear she is planning to steal her son Carl back from his dad on the ITV soap.

At first approaching Carl innocently, Juliette asks her son to go with him and when Nicola realises he is missing panic ensues.

The family are overjoyed with relief when Juliette finally reappears, but she’s not playing games, and tells Nicola she’ll get a solicitor involved if they don’t allow her to see Carl.

A furious Jimmy orders Nicola not to tell Carl, desperate to keep the family intact.

Unfortunately, during the chaos they miss a very important piece of paper that Juliette has left behind for her son, stating her phone number.

When they discover Carl missing the next morning, Jimmy calls the police declaring his son has been kidnapped, but it’s soon revealed that Carl has voluntarily chosen to go with Juliette.

PC Swirling tries to help the Kings in the confusion, but when Juliette and Carl return home together the officer refuses to arrest the child’s birth mother.

A savvy Juliette simply explains everything to the constable and Swirling departs leaving the King family in total anguish.

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Juliette suggests she and Nicola could try and sort out their problems woman to woman, but when she agrees in secret, it could destroy her marriage to Jimmy forever.

When the businessman is stunned to find the pair together after he arrives home from work early, Jimmy is livid.

Unable to understand his wife’s reasoning behind her actions, and he claims keeping it from him is unforgivable.

Still angry and reeling from Nicola’s apparent betrayal, Jimmy declares it’ll be the end for them if Juliette succeeds in taking Carl away from them. Is everything set to fall apart for the Kings?

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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