Emmerdale Sandra Flaherty ‘real identity’ exposed by fans in sinister DNA twist

Emmerdale’s Sandra Flaherty might not be all she’s pretending to be – in more ways than one.

Liv’s mum came back on the scene earlier this year intending to swindle her daughter out of her inheritance money, and has been working on splitting up her marriage to Vinny Dingle ever since.

With Sandra determined to get her daughter back on the booze after months of fighting to stay sober, fans are desperate for someone to expose her cruel plot.

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But things might not be all as they seem, as eagle-eyed viewers think they’ve rumbled a key DNA twist which could throw another spanner in the works.

Some fans have suggested that Sandra isn’t Liv’s biological mother at all, and has just been posing as such to get closer to her.

Taking to Facebook, one user wrote: “Don’t know if this is the truth but I heard a while back that Aaron comes back and exposes Sandra as she’s not really Liv’s mum!”

Another quickly agreed: “Yes, Aaron susses her out trying to fleece his sister. Can’t wait for her to leave!”

Someone else posted: “Oh wow, I hope it’s true – can’t wait for that!”

Meanwhile, it has also been suggested by some soap sleuths that Sandra could instead be biologically related to Vinny as well as Liv, making her even more determined to split them up to avoid any incest.

Vinny was raised by his dad Paul Ashdale, with his adoptive mum Mandy meeting him when he was just nine months old and raising him as her own. But it has been confirmed that she isn't his biological mum.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: "#Emmerdale okay this is WILD but hear me out – what if Sandra is Vinny’s biological mum? And that’s really why she’s trying so hard to split him and Liv up, because they’re related?

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"I know she’s after Liv’s money but just think it could be a good twist."

Another agreed: “I heard there was a twist and Sandra is Vinny’s mum!”, while a third penned: “It turns out that she’s not Liv’s mum… BUT she is Vinny’s biological mum.

“Now what are the chances of that actually happening in real life?”

As fans continue to get closer to the truth, will any of the villagers snoop out Sandra’s real motives and stop her before she manages to ruin her daughter’s life?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.


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