Emmerdale spoilers: Bernice Blackstock returns shocking her horrified daughter Gabby Thomas

BERNICE Blackstock returns next week in Emmerdale – and shocks her horrified daughter Gabby Thomas. 

Bernice moved to Australia back in November 2019 to look after her ex Charlie who’d been in a horror accident – and cut all ties with the village.

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Viewers know that her daughter Gabby then headed on a downward spiral and began terrorising Leyla Harding after deciding she was responsible for the departure of her mum, who used to date Leyla’s boyfriend Liam. 

Liam has since got engaged to Leyla, but next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Bernice arrive and unsettle Liam, who’s been drinking and thinks he’s seeing things.

Gabby – who has fallen pregnant with Jamie Tate's baby following her mother's departure – is also floored when she sees Bernice.

How will her mum react to the pregnancy?

Liam later convinces Leyla they should marry sooner than expected after her dream venue becomes available. 

Viewers know there is a war brewing at Home Farm after Kim moved pregnant Gabby in against Jamie’s wishes, who wanted her to get an abortion.

Emmerdale recently confirmed that a mystery culprit was poisoning Kim by slipping something into her brandy. 

Gabby is a main suspect and next week, Jamie grows suspicious of her behaviour when he spots her sporting a new outfit.

Jamie then confronts Gabby and accuses her of stealing from the company accounts in front of Kim, but who will she believe?

Will Bernice save Gabby from the toxic situation at Home Farm?

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