Emmerdale spoilers: Is Luke gay? Secret history with Ethan is revealed

Ever since they first clocked each other in Emmerdale, things have been awkward between Luke Posner and Ethan Anderson, with it clear that they share a past.

And in new scenes set to be broadcast next week, a troubled Luke will be seen insisting to Ethan that he isn’t gay and overcompensating with his affections for Victoria for the benefit of the village newcomer.

But for how long can the truth be kept under wraps? ‘Ethan is a righteous man,’ says actor Emile John, who plays the local lawyer. ‘If he senses that someone is being lied to, he will confront who he needs to in order to put it right. Luke is not an exception to that rule.’

All of which sounds as though Luke will face turbulence in his current relationship with Victoria if Ethan gives voice to his views on the matter. But what exactly is the connection between the two guys?

‘There’s definitely a familiarity between Ethan and Luke, and the way it evolves and unravels is sure to shock the viewers,’ says John.

But should Emile opt to speak out, the star expects there to be big repercussions for those he decides to take on. ‘Ethan thrives on exposing the truth and revealing people’s shortcomings, so they can learn and grow.

‘It’s a harsh method and there are sure to be consequences in the case of Luke and Victoria – it could shatter the trust between them.’

Honestly, first the Dingles, now the Sugdens – let’s hope that Ethan finds time to make some friends in the village as well as enemies!

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