Emmerdale viewers spot Jacobs other mother is missing despite knife attack

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    Emmerdale viewers have been left wondering where Jacob Gallagher's "other" mum could be following his brutal and unexpected knife attack.

    Jacob's life was left hanging in the balance at the start of the New Year after he was unexpectedly stabbed by his mum Leyla Cavanagh's drug dealer.

    Trying about to an end to drug dealer Callum, Jacob was stunned when Callum ended up turning the knife on him.

    Now that Jacob is recovering well in hospital, stepdad David Metcalfe and mum Leyla have been left squabbling over who has more right to visist him.

    But as the pair continued to argue, many have been left wondering where Jacob's "other" mum is, who is Leyla's younger sister who grew up Jacob as her own.

    Heading over to Twitter, one person wrote: "Where's Jacobs other mother she never gets a mention."

    Another asked: "How come 'step dad' David and 'biological Mum' Layla never contact the Mum Alicia, who actually brought Jacob up as her own?"

    Meanwhile a third said: "What about Alicia did Jacob forget that she was his mum too."

    Alicia Gallagher, who bought Jacob up as her own son left the soap in late 2015.

    Alicia was married to David but after she was sexually assaulted by Lachlan White, Alicia had a breakdown an was desperate to leave the village.

    After receiving a job offer in Portugal, David, Alicia and Jacob jetted off to sunnier regions but the family eventually made a return when David's dad Eric suffered a heart attack and Val is killed in an explosion.

    Realising that they wanted different things, Alicia returned back to Portugal and David decided not to join her.

    Alicia filed for divorce shortly after.

    Following her departure from the soap, Natalie Anderson who played Alicia said at the time: "I've had the most incredible five years at Emmerdale and made some wonderful friends. I'm so grateful to the writers, directors, producers and everyone I've worked with.

    "This year has been such a highlight and so amazing that I felt now was the right time to say bye to Alicia and see what the future holds."

    The star has since appeared in Channel 4's Hollyoaks playing the role of Lexi Calder.

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