Emmerdales Declan Macey to return as fans rumble Jamie Tate death twist

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Emmerdale fans are already anticipating the return of soap icon Declan Macey, as they've rumbled a huge death twist in the current Tate storyline.

After Jamie Tate crashed his car in a horror incident which has left him missing and presumed dead, fans are certain he's still alive – and that his storyline echoes another in recent Emmerdale history.

And now they think Jamie could return with previous Home Farm owner Declan in tow, after he fled the Dales following the accidental murder of his nephew Robbie Lawson.

With Jamie in trouble, it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility that he is just faking his own death – like his mum Kim before him – to escape the impending marriage to Gabby Thomas and family feuds.

Turning to Twitter, fans sure that Declan and Jamie could be in cahoots flooded social media with their theories, with one writing: "#Emmerdale will Jamie Tate and Declan Macey turn up together?"

Someone else echoed: "I liked him in Emmerdale and wouldn't mind him back. Perhaps he could get together with Kim!"

"He can always come back to Emmerdale as they never found a body," another fan chimed in, as a fourth social media user posted: "Bring him back, loved him!"

Another viewer couldn't help but note the similarities in Jamie and Declan's storylines, as they penned: "Are they going for the same [storyline] they did years ago when Declan did a vanishing act from the river & turned up in the future? Amazing how they always manage to flee dripping wet, no car or place to hide!

"How do they manage if bank accounts can be checked if in use?"

And it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, as actor Jason Merrells has recently aired his feelings about the "s**t" situation of being an actor in between jobs.

Taking to Twitter, the Emmerdale icon wrote: "Staring at a phone that won't ring. Waiting on a job. 25+ years doing this and it doesn't get easier.

"I know there are worse jobs. I've done some., but being 50 odd and still playing 'ooh pick me, pick me!' four or five times a year (at least!) is s**t. So undignified."

He said that though the situation was "tough", other actors shouldn’t be discouraged from the career path, adding: "What separates actors from people that could but don't, is the slightly psychotic ability to believe and keep going."

Later in the episode, Dawn yelled furiously at Gabby that she and Jamie were planning to run away together – and that he only thought of Gabby as a selfish interference.

The women proceeded to blame each other for Jamie's supposed death – and it isn't hard to imagine the man himself laughing from the sidelines.

And things got even muddier later, as Kim received flowers with a card that read: "All my love, J" – and became certain they were from her son.

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