Emmerdales Jason Merrells hails job s**t declaring it doesnt get easier

Jason Merrells, who appeared on Emmerdale for four years as Declan Macey, has shared the realities of being an actor, despite landing a big role on the hit soap.

He has revealed the extent of his struggles at the moment as he waits on a call to find out he's landed a job, one which he says isn't coming.

Jason took to Twitter as he spilled on his true feelings of being an actor in-between jobs, to say that the situation is "s**t" and called the waiting process "undignified".

He wrote: "Staring at a phone that won't ring. Waiting on a job. 25+ years doing this and it doesn't get easier.

"I know there are worse jobs. I've done some., but being 50 odd and still playing "ooh pick me, pick me!" four or five times a year (at least!) is s**t. So undignified."

Jason confessed he had been working, but adding that the game is "tough", but said it does go in his favour sometimes.

As he reassured others that just because it's hard, it doesn't mean you should give up, he said: "What separates actors from people that could but don't, is the slightly psychotic ability to believe and keep going."

Fellow actors also shared their support and tips regarding dealing with the quiet moments, with Gary Webster, who previously appeared in EastEnders, saying: "I usually regard any time off as more time to spend with loved ones so it's a win-win.

"If I get it great my ego is stroked if I don't I go for a drink with my sons."

Jason confessed that Gary had handled it better than him, but Jason is still pushing on to land more future roles.

In previous years fans have seen Jason in numerous TV appearances, having been active in the industry from 1994, landing one of his best known roles as Matt Hawley in Casualty, a role he had between 1994 and 1997.

In 2010, he joined Emmerdale as the love interest for Natasha Wylde, and he certainly made an entrance, landing a nomination for the Villain of the Year award.

He announced in 2014 he was leaving the soap, and the following month his Emmerdale character Declan killed his half-nephew and attempted murder on his wife at the time Charity, so he went into hiding – and as far as those in the village are concerned, Declan is still nowhere to be seen.

Although it hasn't been the easiest year in terms of acting, Jason's impressive resume seems to have landed him some jobs in the meantime.

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