Emmerdales Rosie Bentham – Its become normal to snog at the end of a scene

Ever since being mentored by Emmerdale ’s original femme fatale Kim Tate, Gabby Thomas has become a go-getting man-eater in her own right.

Over recent months, fans have been treated to scenes of her sneaking in a spot of illicit love-making with her sexy nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope).

Now actress Rosie Bentham, 21, who plays Gabby, reveals she’s enjoyed filming the pair’s passionate encounters.

“Gabby and Nicky are having a lot of hot and steamy scenes together,” laughs Rosie. “It’s all good fun, and me and Lewis laugh about it all. We joke about it a lot because it’s so regular – it’s become the norm to have to snog at the end of a scene!”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing meant that Gabby fell pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby, without so much as touching him on screen. So Rosie’s thrilled to finally be able to act out a romance. “It’s nice to put things into practice,” smiles Rosie, “because during Covid we couldn’t. It’s nice to be able to build the chemistry of Gabby and Nicky. Seeing two young people falling in love is a great watch and people invest in the relationship.”

Fans will soon see their affair rumbled by Kim ( Claire King ). When she retaliates by sacking Nicky, he decides to prove
his devotion by proposing to Gabby. Delighted, she accepts on the spot.

But Rosie insists that despite the whirlwind romance, the pair’s feelings for each other are real. “They’ve been seeing each other behind closed doors but it’s at the point where Gabby gets genuine feelings for Nicky and Nicky gets genuine feelings for Gabby,” explains Rosie. “As expected it does not go very well with Kim. She tells Gabby, ‘You’re desperate, you’ve jumped at the first thing that came into Home Farm.’”

Rosie has been part of many soap weddings over the years, but it will be her first time filming scenes as the bride.

“I’d love to see what they have planned for the dress,” says Rosie. “I hope it’s really nice. I’m excited to film the wedding and have everyone there.”

Gabby might have shocked some fans by being so forward with Nicky, but it’s a different story for Rosie, who is happily single. “I’m not seeing anyone at the minute,” she smiles. “I can’t see myself getting engaged that early or that quickly!”

But she’s loved filming scenes with her co-star Lewis, who is a similar age and shares a similar sense of humour with her.

“Lewis is great,” says Rosie. “He brings a lot of energy onto the set and he’s a lovely guy.”

So would Rosie like the pair to actually make it down the aisle?

“I’m rooting for Gabby to have her happy ever after,” confides Rosie. “Gabby and Nicky work really well together and if he is who he says he is and he sticks to his promises, then they could build a future together at Home Farm.”

Sounds like a big if to us…


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