Emmerdales Sally Dexter refuses to leave soap unless major plot point addressed

Though Emmerdale's Faith Dingle is convinced she doesn't have long left after being informed her breast cancer had returned, actress Sally Dexter is determined to stay on in the role for a little longer.

The star has teased that she won't be leaving the ITV soap unless a major plot point is addressed.

Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Sally explained that when Cain returns from Scotland where he was visiting daughter Debbie, the atmosphere felt "like a Western".

She said: "The doors swing, the music stops, all the cigarettes are put out, everyone looks. Chairs get scraped across the floor and there’s absolute silence when Cain enters the room. In only the way that Jeff [Hordley] can do it. It was huge fun to film."

And Faith feels "enormous relief" when her secret is out in the open, after weeks of desperately trying to hide her suffering from her family.

But there's a few hurdles to jump first, as Cain suspects Faith is just drunk rather than recovering from her chemotherapy sessions.

Sally said: "It's a desperate time when he accuses her of being hungover and she’s actually recovering from one of her first chemo sessions – that’s desperately hurtful, so she removes herself.

"She doesn’t know really how long she’s got, so every minute is precious even when he’s being awful to her, and there are times when he’s really, really awful.

"With Cain it’s difficult, not helped by the fact that she’s just had a fling with Dan, Cain’s mechanic, in the allotment sheds. It didn’t go down at all well, and I think Cain now permanently assumes she’s now drunk and disorderly – which for the most part at the moment she is, just to numb the nerves and the pain of what’s going on, and the fear over the discovery she has cancer again."

She went on: "Faith still wants him to be there, she still wants to be with him. She loves him unconditionally, but she wouldn’t half like it if they got back together and were friends again!"

But is there any hope of repairing their broken relationship?

Sally explained: "It would be dreadful [if things didn't work out].

"We’d be left on a minor chord, the end of the song wouldn’t be finished. It would be terrible, I couldn’t bear that.

"In fact I’d refuse to leave until it was resolved! That could be a way of staying on, who knows?"

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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