Escape to the Country presenter Alistair Appleton reveals unhappy younger years

Escape to the Country star Alistair Appleton is a much-loved TV personality, and also works as a therapist and meditation teacher, but in an interview back in 2019, the star revealed that he was “pretty unhappy” in his early 30s.

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He told “I was pretty unhappy. I was drinking a lot, doing a lot of drugs, going out a lot. And so I think the better part of me just sensed that was not a path I wanted to pursue through my 30s so I gave it all up. I have quite a strong will really.” 

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He began exploring Buddhism and took up Ashtanga yoga, and even ended up considering becoming a monk. He said: “I went to Thailand and was thinking of becoming a monk. I was considering it very seriously,” before revealing a friend had talked him out of the idea. 

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Alistair is now happily settled with his husband Daniel, and the pair offer free meditation and yoga classes. On his website, he wrote: “I am lucky to have found love and have a very understanding and supportive husband, Daniel… We’re currently in a 1930s French sea captain’s cottage in the port of Newhaven. And we live there with our very big dog Ben.”

Alistair lives in the port of Newhaven

Alistair has also previously spoke about training to become a psychotherapist, telling Hampshire Life back in 2012: “I loved that work so much that I started to get a bit disenchanted with all the crazy schedules of TV filming and I decided five years ago to re-train as a psychotherapist. That was the best decision of my life and I think I’ve hit my 40s in much better shape than I hit my 30s.”

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