Escape to the Countrys Jules Hudson demands guests to make it work in property search

Escape to the Country: Jules asks couple about final property

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Jules, 51, was on hand to help a married couple of 26 years, Jo and Tim, find a new home on the Isle of Wight during the classic episode of Escape to the Country. The pair lived in a six-bedroom property but were looking to make a permanent move to the location where they had opened a holiday home for the past 15 years. They explained to the BBC presenter they wanted a home which was big enough to act as a holiday let, as well as having roadside appeal, a cottage feel to the place and lots of grandeur. With a budget of £750,000 to play with, the property expert got to work but asked the guests to make the mystery property “work” as he thought it was a top listing for them.

The mystery house was located in the village of Shanklin on the Isle of Wight, a place the pair had never seen themselves living in.

Jules explained the current owners had spent the past three years renovating the property to turn it into a money-making machine.

With five bedrooms in the main family home, the presenter told the guests there were three self-contained apartments under the ground floor which could be used as holiday lets.

Both Jo and Tim are blown away by what they were seen, with the former commenting on the intricate detail of the design of the house.

As the couple were baffled their dream home could be in a place they had never thought of living in, Jules had to ask whether this would be a contender to buy.

“So, can we just clarify one thing before we go any further? Are we over the wrinkle of Shanklin?” the presenter enquired.

Both of the guests agreed they were, with Tim adding: “I’m really excited to see this,” but the host was eager for them to give it some real thought.

Jules demanded: “Make this work in your mind and you will not regret it,” before leading the pair into the house.

After they had looked around the bespoke property, the presenter asked the excited couple what they thought the property was on the market for.

Tim went first as he thought it was for sale at a price of £730,000 but his wife thought it was over-budget.

Can we just clarify one thing?

Jules Hudson

Jo told Jules she believed it was going to cost them around £779,000 to buy but he shocked them both with a price which was slap bam in the middle.

The presenter revealed it just hit their budget at £750,000, to which Jo commented it was “ready to go” for them to put their stamp on it.

However, they had to consider their options as they had another two properties to think about from earlier in the search.

Property number one was split into two as it had three bedrooms in the principal cottage and a four-bedroom holiday cottage built next to it.

As well as being enamoured by the views, the pair said from the outside, the property looked “fantastic”.

Looking around, they were pleased with what they saw and once again, the couple were asked how much they thought it was on the market for.

Tim went with a price of £680,000 and his spouse thought she had hit the nail on the head with a figure of £725,000.

It was revealed the property had a sale price of £650,000 and Jo said it gave them some scope to make changes they wanted.

Sharing his thoughts, Tim said the price was great and with the holiday let property, they could be making a profit straight away.

The presenter quickly moved them on to property number two, which the tenants who were selling had renovated into a Bed and Breakfast.

As one of the oldest properties in the village, the house had a lot of appeal and the couple would’ve been able to have their own self-contained apartment away from the rest of the property.

The property included six ensuite bedrooms, with all furnishings included in the guest bedrooms coming with the sale of the house.

Outside, there was a bespoke terrace set up and a hot tub which the owners and their guests could enjoy in the summer.

Tim thought it was on the market for £625,000 and Jo pitched in with a figure of £715,000 but Jules told them it was sitting at £595,000.

After giving some consideration to the search and what could work best for them, the couple explained their interest was solely in the mystery house.

They told Jules they weren’t going to put in an offer straight away as they wanted to go back and get to know the area a little better and how they could make a profit from the holiday apartments.

Escape to the Country airs weekdays at 2:45pm on BBC Two.

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