EU want to punish UK for Brexit but more member states will fall, ex-MEP predicts

Brexit: Martin Daubney says the EU ‘will fall’

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Former MEP Martin Daubney has said it’s “abundantly clear” the EU wants to punish Britain over Brexit to stop other countries from leaving, saying the European Union sees itself as the “sole saviour of Europe”. It came as relations between the EU and the UK risk further deterioration after the Brexit minister David Frost accused Brussels of behaving “without regard to the huge political, economic and identity sensitivities” over Northern Ireland protocol.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine on Five, Martin Daubney said: “When you’ve been fortunate enough or unfortunate enough as I was to be an MEP, you walk the corridors of power in Brussels and Strasburg.

“You understand the European Union doesn’t see itself as just a political body.

“It sees itself as a form of a church, the sole saviour of Europe.

“And of course, anybody who leaves a church must be excommunicated, tarred and feathered.”

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He continued: “It was abundantly clear during the Brexit negotiations.

“They didn’t just want to get us out. They wanted to kick us out and punish us on the way down.

“And fortunately Boris Johnson caved in and the Brexit we got particularly on fishing and that’s what this fault line is coming in Northern Ireland.

“Lord Frost is negotiating again about that this week.”

He continued: “Those two areas are the two betrayals of Brexit.

“And it allows Macron, who wants to be the new leader of Europe because Frau Merkel is effectively stepping down- he sees himself as a central player in all of Europe, talking tough against Britain is incredibly popular with the French voters.

“He’s unpopular at the moment-pure politics, pure pantomime, but it will backlash.

“At the moment European Union are finding Poland 1 million Euros per day because they changed their constitution on top of a 500,000 euro per day fine about refusing to close a coal mine.”

Brexit minister David Frost said the EU had “destroyed cross-community consent”, calling the enforcement of the Northern Ireland arrangements “overly strict”.

Currently, experts are also accusing the EU of “turning a blind eye” to the fishing dispute between France and UK.

Nigel Farage said on GB news this morning: “The French having got an incredible deal out of all of this now want the earth and think they can bully us into submission and the European Union are effectively turning a blind eye because it’s the French that are keen to breach the treaty.

“If it was Poland or somebody else, they’d have come down like a ton of bricks.”
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