Eurovision 2022: Ben Adams uncovered as Norways Subwoolfer

Eurovision: Norway perform dressed as wolves

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Subwoolfer performed Give That Wolf A Banana as they represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. The music duo performed in black suits with white shorts and yellow wolf-head masks and fans are convinced Ben Adams is one of the singers hiding behind the distinctive costume.

The Norwegian pop duo wowed fans in the semi-finals earlier this year and viewers are desperate to uncover their identities. 

@andersdosen wrote: “If you remember Ben Adams from the boyband a1, he is rumored to be behind one of the masks  Let’s gooo, Norway!”

@SophieAthawes added: “YES to #Norway being one half of A1 – Christian is Norwegian and that definitely sounds like Ben Adams  #Eurovision.”

@EEstenstad tweeted: “It’s Ben Adams from A1 trying to save grandmas!”

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@jonathanland91 shared: “I can’t believe Ben Adams from the boyband A1 might be one of the guys dressed up for Norway’s song, ‘Give That Wolf a Banana.’

“A great song for #Eurovision, even though I’m not sure I can see it winning. It is an outside favourite to win, so I could be wrong. #Eurovision.”

“How is it Ben Adams from A1 might be in Norway’s entry! That song is soo Eurovision! #Eurovision #Norway,” @charljadepotter remarked. 

@lozwinter exclaimed: “WAIT. I mean, I’m gonna need to know if one of Subwoolfer is Ben Adams from A1 because that’s a game changer  #Eurovision #NOR.”

Meanwhile, a friend of the boyband star has revealed he’s also convinced Ben is one half of Subwoolfer.

He said: “I’ve known him for over 10 years. I spoke to him the other day and he still won’t confirm or deny if he is a member of Subwoolfer. 

“But… I’ve listened to the track and I could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like him,” he told The Mirror.

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