Everything you need to know about Anna Maxwell Martin’s new thriller Hollington Drive

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When it comes to families, things are never quite as they appear from the outside – as ITV’s new drama Hollington Drive shows.

The four-part thriller opens as the chaotic Theresa, played by Line Of Duty's Anna Maxwell Martin, and her older, more sensible headteacher sister Helen (Rachael Stirling) are enjoying a barbecue in the garden with their partners and children.

It’s a perfect summer evening for an idyllic family set-up. Or so it appears.

When her 10-year-old son, Ben, asks if he and his cousin Eva can go to play in the park, Theresa’s intuition tells her that this won’t end well.

Predictably, Ben and Eva fail to return at the agreed time, leaving the panicking mum to head off in search of them.

When she discovers the pair fighting at the entrance to a woodland area, she begins to suspect the worst.

And soon, her darkest fears seem to have been realised when a neighbour Jean (Jodie McNee) arrives to say her little boy, Alex, also 10, has gone missing.

What has happened to him – and could Ben or Eva be responsible?

As the two sisters attempt to navigate the unnavigable, tensions rise and the cracks start to appear in their close relationship.

Line of Duty and Motherland actress Anna says: “Something I really want to stress is that on paper this looks like another drama about a kiddie going missing, but it’s not that.”

“This series is really not about the missing child. That’s just a catalyst to make people turn in on themselves.”

“The centrifugal force of the drama is this hideously co-dependent relationship between Theresa and Helen.

“It’s very complex and you just can’t really work out what’s going on between them.”

Discussing the sisters’ complicated dynamic, and what’s in store over the coming weeks, Rachael adds: “Theresa isn’t entirely confident in her own skin and very much depends upon Helen, who is organised and controlled.”

She continues: “Theresa looks up to her and then this appalling thing happens. A child goes missing and Theresa is absolutely convinced that her son has something to do with it.

“The show is about these two sisters coming together to protect their children and, in the end, it’s about the fact that there’s no length to which a mother won’t go to defend her child.”

Meanwhile, the sisters’ relationships with their partners – Fraser, played by Rhashan Stone of Finding Alice fame, and David, Dublin Murders’ Peter McDonald – are also edging close to breaking point as the perfect family portrait they’ve all worked so hard to build up begins to fall apart.

Jonas Armstrong plays Jean’s husband, Gareth, and Tia May Watts is Fraser’s daughter, Georgina, while Killing Eve’s Ken Nwosu is Fraser’s brother Eddie – who is increasingly unwelcome.

“It’s properly satisfying, twisty-turny telly – exactly the kind of TV I like watching,” says Rachael.

“You don’t see any of the twists coming. Dare you examine how far you’d go to protect your child if you thought they had committed a crime? It’s a helter-skelter, speed-thriller ride from the off.”

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