Everything You Need to Know About the Duggar Family's LLCs

It has been a hectic year for the Duggar family. Not onlyhave they welcomed severalnew grandchildren into the mix, but they’ve also spent a fair amount of theiryear opening up new LLCs in their home state of Arkansas. In fact, the family,as a whole, has filed paperwork to establish 10 new limited liability companiesin the last 13 months, and some fans are wondering if their new companies have somethingto do with a recent visit paid to the family by theDepartment of Homeland Security. Let’s take a look at the companies thathave been established by the family in just over a year.

Jana Duggar and Anna Duggar established businesses in 2019

JanaDuggar shocked fans back in April 2019, when a business announcement waslisted in a local paper. While little seems to have been done with the businesssince, she remains in good standing with the secretary of state, according to InTouch. Fans had initially assumed, based on the name, that the businesshad something to do with Jana’s gardening hobby, but upon closer inspection,Arbor Acres also happens to be the street address for theDuggar family compound.

Several months later, in September 2019, Anna followed Jana’slead and established an LLC in her name. The company, Cambridge Arbor, LLC,also lacks a business description on the state’s website. The company is registeredwith two principal agents, Anna and a company called Western Ridge Financial,LLC. Western Ridge Financial, LLC is a limited liability company registered inWyoming. It has been in business since March 2019.

The boys of the family have been busy, too

John-David, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, and Josiah Duggar have all been busy opening businesses in the last 12 months, also. John-David, who is a pilot by trade, established Medic Chopper in January 2019, just days after establishing Medic Corps, along with a friend, Nathan Bates. Medic Corps was established on Dec. 31, 2018, while Medic Chopper was registered on Jan. 1, 2019. Medic Corps is the family’s disaster relief business and is allegedly seeking non-profit status. They recently ran a mission to the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas, although reports from the ground indicate they may not have been all that helpful.

Jedidiah currently has his hands in a bible class business,registered with the state in September 2019, just one day before Anna registeredher company. Jedidiahis now running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Histwin brother apparently also has an entrepreneurial spirit. Jeremiah Duggarestablished an LLC in May 2019. Neither Jeremiah’s business nor Jedidiah’s businesshas a description, and no website for the companies seem to exist.

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Josiah also got in on the fun. In May 2019, Josiah registereda company by the name of Milagro Designs, LLC. Milagro happens to be his wife’smiddle name. Thecouple’s newborn has the same middle name. Redditorshave dug up information on the business. Allegedly, the company was oncepartially owned by a church member. It is believed to be a leather goodsbusiness.

Do the plethora of new companies have something to do withtheir alleged legal trouble?

While the sheer number of LLCs established by the family inrecent months has given some followers pause, it’s hard to say whether their recentbusiness activity has anything to do with the Department of Homeland Security’sinterest in thefamily’s business dealings. In fact, there could be a perfectly innocentexplanation for all of the business movement.

Several of the Duggar kids have recently come of age.Because the Duggar family doesn’t believe in working for other people, it makesperfect sense that the now-adult boys would found their own businesses for a myriadof reasons. What is a bit strange, is just how many LLCs were formed by thefamily, and how close together the movements are. As it stands, it appears thatthe HSI is only looking into Josh Duggar’s dealings. Their presence has onlybeen confirmed at a car lot owned by the eldest,troubled Duggar boy.

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