Flog It! guest gobsmacked as silk robe sells for more than £4,000

Flog It!: Woman stunned as robe sells for £4,200

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Tuesday’s repeat episode of the BBC staple saw guest Jill selling a special robe given to her by her mother. Although she suspected it would be worth something, she was shocked as the price at auction continued to climb until it eventually sold for over £4,000. Both Jill and Flog It! star Catherine Southon admitted they were “shaking” following the sale.

After detailing how and when she got the robe to Catherine earlier in the episode it was time for it to finally go to auction.

Flog It! presenter Paul Martin reassured Jill: “Quality always sells,” and it seems he was correct.

The auctioneer began with a price of £820, and this swiftly climbed all the way to £1,250.

“Oh my goodness,” a surprised Catherine commented as Jill watched on, speechless.

The item’s value soon zoomed into the £2,000 area and continued to increase with eager bidders smitten with the robe.

“This is incredible, isn’t it?” Paul asked. Eventually, the bidding stopped at £4,200.

“£4,200! Ah wow, bless you,” Paul exclaimed.

As he and Catherine both hugged Jill, he remarked: “Catherine, that is a surprise isn’t it?”

“I’m shaking, so you must be shaking!” Catherine told Jill.

“I am!” Jill confessed, showing her hand. “I’m cold,” she added.

“And that was just hanging in the wardrobe!” Catherine reflected.

“Wow, good job it was as well and it found its way out in the sunlight,” Paul stated.

“What springs to mind right now? How are you feeling?” He asked Jill.

“Well, I know my mum would have loved this moment, she really would,” Jill replied.

Explaining the history of the robe, Jill had earlier told Catherine: “My mum passed it onto me and that’s all I know.

“It’s been hung up in the wardrobe for dozens of years.”

“Somebody must’ve worn it, did your mother wear it?” Catherine asked.

“She took part in the Gilbert and Sullivan Mikado and wore it for that, it was the only time,” Jill recalled.

“Oh lovely, I bet she looked amazing,” Catherine remarked.

The expert explained: “Because it is actually an opera coat. So once upon a time, the fabric was brought over from China, I would suspect.

“And it’s then been made in this country into a more sort of European style and made into an opera coat.”

She asked the owner: “So, what do you think about it?”

“Oh, I love it really,” Jill answered. “But I’ve got three children, I can’t leave it to just one, so it’s got to go.”

Catherine estimated the date of the robe to be around the 1920s and 1930s.

“Stick your neck out, put £200 to £400 on,” she advised. “Put a reserve maybe slightly under at £180.”

Flog It! airs weekdays on BBC Two at 5pm.

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