Furious Grand Designs viewers clash over monstrosity of water tower conversion

Grand Designs has been showing off some of the most exciting homes in the UK hoping to be shortlisted for the annual RIBA award.

In Wednesday's episode (November 17) of the Channel 4 show, one of the finalists was revealed to be The Water Tower in Castle Acre, Norfolk.

Designed by Tonkin Liu, the incredible building is partly a salvaged, rusty water tower and the secret base from Thunderbirds.

Kevin Mccloud says: "Inspired by 1960s sci-fi, it's dressed with industrial steel cladding, great verticle glass walls, and a control room tower fit for Lady Penelope."

Dennis, a photographer, and Misia, a costume designer, bought the water tower and made it their "passion project", giving it "new life", says Kevin.

The inventive building went down a storm with the judges and made it into the shortlist, along with another property seen on the show called House on the Hill.

While architects were impressed, viewers at home were split and some called it a "monstrosity" and others called it "amazing".

Commenting on Twitter, one viewer said: "I'm already hoping the Thunderbirds house gets on the shortlist."

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Another fan said: "Wow, that water tower is incredible. It’s not for me, but what a fabulous place."

Someone else wrote: "Wow, that tower is amazing. It’s a water tower conversion #GrandDesigns."

But a critic blasted: "The water tower is genuinely the UGLIEST house I’ve ever seen."

A second said: "Love love love the water tower – however, where the hell did they find the tradesmen?"

Someone else argued it "doesn't look very cosy" and another suggested it was impractical to "carry all your shopping to the top floor where the kitchen is".

A fuming commentator said: "How did they get planning permission for this monstrosity?"

This comes after Grand Designs viewers were gobsmacked when a couple splurged £300,000 on a new home but missed a key room.

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