Gemma Collins admits she may never have children as she compares herself to Jennifer Aniston – The Sun

GEMMA Collins has revealed she may not have children in the future as she compares herself to childless Jennifer Aniston.

The Diva Forever star, 38, admitted she doesn't know whether she is up for motherhood, despite previously undergoing fertility tests.

The confession may come as a surprise to some as Gemma has made no secrets of her desires to start a family in the future.

Talking on her BBC podcast, she said: "It's nice to play mum sometimes. I'm definitely definitely getting older. I would like a child.

"Sometimes I think, should I have a kid? Should I have a child? I don't know. I've got so many of my friends' children that love me, these kids.

"I mean, I'm not just saying it, they love me. I love them because I get to hand them back and I get a peaceful night's sleep."

The TOWIE star then went on to reveal how her new mindset was inspired by Jennifer Aniston, 50, who has previously spoken out about not having children.

Gemma added: "The argument I kind of have with myself about kids is oh god it's a huge responsibility, am I still a kid myself? That's what I battle with.

"Then it's like no, I'm 38, but Jennifer Aniston said 'Just because I haven't got kids that doesn't define me as I woman.'

"That was the best statement I've heard my whole life because that's what I regularly say to people now."

"They're like, have you got kids, do you want kids? You do feel embarrassed because you don't know what to say."

Earlier this year, boyfriend James Argent insisted he and Gemma wouldn't be trying for a baby until after summer.

He told The Sun Online: "At the moment, we've got plans of having a really fun summer together, and we're going to go on a few different holidays."

Meanwhile, her ex Rami Hawash revealed they "would be married with kids now if it wasn’t for her alter ego The GC" back in January. 

In 2017, Gemma admitted she was desperate to become a mum but feared she may never find the perfect partner to settle down with.

She told Closer magazine: "I turned 36 in the hospital and realised I don't have a partner, I'm on my own and it can be lonely at times.

"All my friends are married with children, it's just me who isn't, and I want children soon.

"I've not me the man of my dreams yet and I'm feeling the pressure, so I've had a consultation and I'm freezing my eggs."

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