Geordie Shore's Nathan Henry was banned from Celebs Go Dating and 'furious' before trying to find love on the show

GEORDIE Shore's Nathan Henry has revealed he was banned from Celebs Go Dating before finding love on the show.

The reality star admitted he was fuming that he couldn't take part in the series back in February because of his commitments on Geordie Shore.

He said: "I was lined up for the last series of Celebs Go Dating and was all set to go on. But because Geordie Shore is filmed at the same time something happened and they wouldn't let me do both at the time so I had to do Geordie Shore.

"I'm not going to lie I was furious at the time. I don't want to leave Geordie Shore but I would have loved to have taken a little break. I was fuming that I couldn’t do it…"

However all comes to those who wait, and Nathan realised it worked out for the best as he had time to get over his recent heartbreak.

The star, who split from his latest boyfriend Craig earlier this year, said: "In retrospect maybe it was a blessing in disguise as I'd just come out of a four year relationship and probably wasn't ready but I'm certainly ready now. I am in a completely different headspace."

He added: "Who wouldn't want to go on free dates with loads of sexy boys? I’m up for it."

Nathan admitted his love life is disastrous and though he's on Tinder, he thinks a lot of people are only interested in him because he's famous.

He said: "My love life is pretty tragic to be honest.

"I'm still getting used to single life. I am going on dates with people but aren't even having sex to be honest.

"I'm on Tinder. I am getting super likes left right and centre but it's because of who I am."

The reality star, who has 1.5 million followers on Insatgram, is keen to find someone who likes a night in just as much as downing shots in a club.

He good looking star said: "It is annoying that people have a preconception that the wild drunk Nathan they see on Geordie Shore is who I am all the time.

"Geordie Shore is an exaggerated version of ourselves and when I'm not on Geordie Shore I don't need to be exaggerated.

I remembered who I was and then the game changed.

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Nathan went on: "They expect me to be this big character who always wants to party and get drunk but that’s just a version of myself.
"I also like staying in on a Friday night and drinking tea and eating biscuits or staying in on a weekend to watch Disney films on the sofa.
"It’s hard sometimes to know if people like you are just want to date you because you are on the TV."

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