Ginny and Georgia season 3: Showrunner addresses Netflix show future

Ginny & Georgia: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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On Thursday, Netflix’s hit comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia finally returned to screens with season two. As the finale left fans on the edge of their seats, showrunner Sarah Lampert opened up about the show’s future.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ginny and Georgia season two.

The series follows the lives of Georgia Miller (played by Brianne Howey), her daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her son Austin (Diesel La Torraca) as they navigate life in a new neighbourhood.

However, things took a dark turn for the family after Ginny learned her mother had murdered their stepfather Kenny Drexel (Darryl Scheelar) and skipped town as a result.

When she returned, Ginny and Georgia were at odds until they had a heart-to-heart conversation, where Georgia revealed she had also killed her first husband.

Although it looked like her murderous deeds were in the past, season two ended with a new victim on her roster.

After a stint in jail for domestic violence, Austin’s father Gil (Aaron Ashmore) was released and back on the scene to blackmail Georgia and her fiancé Paul Rudolph (Scott Porter).

Cynthia Fuller (Sabrina Grdevich) had witnessed the altercation and blocked his rental application.

A grateful Georgia decided to repay Cynthia by ending the life of her ailing husband, Tom and unbeknownst to her, Austin witnessed the murder.

Though many assumed he passed on his own, PI Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr) learned Georgia was present during his death and launched an investigation.

During the finale, while Paul and Georgia were celebrating their wedding, the police burst in and arrested her for murder.

With fans eager for season three, the show’s showrunner Sarah Lampert lifted the lid on the upcoming instalment, despite Netflix is yet to give it the green light.

She disclosed: “You know what’s great? Netflix was really – I don’t want to say hands off – they were really trusting of us with the story this season.

“Which was wonderful because we got to explore different modes, like episodes eight and nine and the Tarantino-esque format of that, doing weird things, and the whole plot of season two.

“My favourite thing about the show is that it is always evolving and changing, and because we touch on so many different tones within the show, we really get to sink into whichever tone we want to at the moment.

“So there’s a lot of freedom there. I love surprising people, so I hope that cliffhanger at the end of episode 10 (of) season two was a big surprise, that’s what we were going for.”

Sarah confirmed: “That being said, no, there’s been no talks with Netflix about season three.”

“They’re very regimented about how they do things,” she explained.

“So there’s very much a strategy in place where I think we’ll drop it, and then we have to wait to see how it does and if we’re going to see season three but I certainly hope we do because it’s going to be a wild ride,” Sarah added to Deadline.

Georgia’s arrest would undoubtedly leave the other residents shocked as more details about her past are unearthed.

Many have also questioned what will happen to Ginny and Austin with their mother potentially facing a long stretch behind bars.

Either way, fans will have to stay tuned to see if Netflix will renew Ginny and Georgia for season three.

Ginny and Georgia seasons 1-2 are available on Netflix.

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