Girls5eva: The Girls Go Into 'Album Mode' in Season 2 Trailer — Watch

Now that Girls5eva has made a big comeback, it’s time for them to put out a big album.

Peacock has released the official trailer for Season 2 of the girl-group comedy — premiering (when else?) May 5 on the streamer — and the girls’ show-stopping performance at Jingle Ball last season has them primed for bigger and better things. But the road back to fame isn’t easy: When they go on Instagram Live to give fans a first look at their recording sessions, they discover no one is watching. (“It’s just us in here!” Gloria yells.)

“We are officially in album mode,” Wickie declares, and they’re eager to actually get to control their music for once: “Half of our old songs weren’t even spell-checked.” But that excitement wears off when a record executive tells them they need to finish the album in (gulp) six weeks. Plus, they have a few personal issues to work out along the way. (Is that Tim Meadows we spy romancing Wickie?)

All they need to do, Dawn decides, is “make the most undeniable album of all time.” Well, that should be easy enough. Plus, as Summer helpfully reminds her, “you wrote all the songs on the album. So if everybody hates it, it means they hate you as a person on every level.” What a relief!

Press PLAY for a sneak peek at Season 2 of Girls5eva, and then drop your thoughts in a comment below. (What are you waiting five?)

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