GMB fans fume as Richard Madeley shows prisoners family how much water he gets

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Good Morning Britain fans couldn't believe what they were seeing as host Richard Madeley produced a tiny water bottle to show a terrified family how much water their relative will get in an Iraqi prison.

British geologist Jim Fitton, 66, has been arrested in Iraq for collecting 12 stones and bits of broken pottery on a recent geology and archaeology tour of the country – which he insists he was told he was allowed to take.

Mr Fitton insisted he had no idea he was breaking the country's laws.

And his devastated family, who are desperately appealing for his release, admitted on the programme that they'd learned the news just yesterday from a journalist and were still in shock as Richard began questioning them.

But it was as he brought out a tiny water bottle to demonstrate how much water Mr Fitton will receive per day that viewers at home had to suspend their disbelief.

With Jim's daughter and son-in-law chatting to the hosts via video link, Richard said: "I don't want to distress you any more, but we know the conditions in Iraqi prisons are awful, by and large.

"One of the statistics to come out is horrific! This is what the World Health Organisation says an average adult needs to drink in terms of water every day," he said, gesturing to a large bottle he had on the desk.

"Every 24 hours you need a minimum of two litres."

Producing a tiny bottle of water beside it, Richard went on: "And this is routinely all that a prisoner gets in that 24 hour period. They give them 250 millilitre bottles, that's what they're given."

He then asked: "Have you any more detailed knowledge of the kind of conditions he's been kept in?"

Which is when Mr Fitton's family admitted: "We have no idea where he's even going to end up at the moment. He's gone back to a holding cell at the airport and we're told he'll be transferred to a general population prison within 10 days."

Turning to Twitter, one fan said: "Madeley, on GMB, talking to family of imprisoned archaeologist in Iraq says ‘I don’t want to upset you any more, but the conditions in Iraqi jails are awful’ and then shows a tiny bottle of water saying this is all they get daily. What a tool."

"Richard Madeley doing a water bottle show & tell to the distressed daughter of the [Iraqi] prisoner was pure Partridge," someone else said.

A third fan fumed: "How appropriate was Richard Madeley water bottle show and tell with a distraught daughter? Seriously!"

As another said: "Richard Madeley scaring the sh** out of the family with a water bottle show and tell!"

Calling it "horrendous TV to watch", someone else posted: "Exactly. I was horrified so I don’t know how the poor family feels. He was certainly out for headlines by scaring the hell out of them."

GMB airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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