GMB host Ed Balls disgusts ITV viewers over weird Ranvir Singh banana offer

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Good Morning Britain's Ed Balls freaked out viewers after he offered Ranvir Singh a piece of his banana.

On Tuesday's episode (July 19), the ITV co-star were discussing how to keep cool in the current heatwave.

A suggestion that Ranvir brought up was to eat a banana to try and have a better night's sleep.

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This then led Ed to grab a banana and break it in half with his bare hands – and he offered his co-star a piece of the fruit that he had touched with his mitts.

ITV viewers stormed to social media to comment on the banana revelation.

One fan wrote: "#GMB oh my god did I just see Eddie break off half a banana with his bare hand and offer Ranvir that bit Jesus Christ offer her the piece left in the skin."

Another added: "Ed Balls doing the 'eat a banana on live television' thing respect #gmb."

While a third penned: "Oh dear god let’s wheel Dr Hilary out for his pearls of wisdom, fill a hot water bottle with cold water & drink plenty, well I’d never have thought of that and now Ranvir eat Bananas, ffs, come on GMB this is a joke."

"@GMB Bananas DO help you drop off at night!! They are a cure and answer for many things and cannot be dismissed!!" shared a fourth.

A fifth put: "Funny that my mum always said that about bananas many years ago #GMB."

"Just seen on GMB if you eat a banana before bed that'll help you sleep all that will do is give me heartburn," posted a sixth.

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