GMB’s Dr Hilary reassures viewers Covid vaccine is safe as it’s approved in UK

Dr Hilary Jones has done his best to reassure Good Morning Britain viewers that the Pfizer Vaccine is safe after it was approved in the UK.

The vaccine will hopefully help combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and eventually allow things to start going back to normal.

Of course, many people are doubting the vaccine's safety or saying they would not get it, so Dr Hilary had a job on his hands trying to reassure viewers.

Speaking of the speed in which it was approved, he said: "It's swift because they have done things at the same time.

"Usually, what they do is phase one, two, three trials, and then they look at the date, then approval takes a while, and then production.

"But they've done it all at the same time, which is good."

He continued: "They haven't cut corners in doing this, they've just moved swiftly.

"When you think of some of the incompetence we've seen this year, it is really good to see that some things can be done."

Dr Hilary went on: "Give it to the researchers and scientists who know what they're doing – and who I trust at least – then I think we should give them a huge pat on the back."

Piers Morgan seemed excited and was keen to get the jab.

He said: "Well, I'll take it. I would take this live on air. Susanna and I were talking about it, we would take it live on air on Monday morning, if we're allowed, just to encourage people to do it."

Dr Hilary reminded viewers: "This is the vaccine that has to be stored at -70° so there are logistical problems, that's why you need the military, that's why you need a big site to get people done all in one go.

"We can't waste any of this vaccine. Once you've opened the canister at that temperature you have to use it."

Moments later, Dr Hilary said: "It's what we've all been waiting for for so long. It's the way out, to get out of Covid."

However he did warn that other restrictions and guidelines, such as wearing masks, would continue still until the R-rate lowered.

"Unless you vaccinate the majority of the population, you don't drive the R-rate down," he explained.

"It stays pretty high, and while we don't know how long immunity lasts after vaccination, if the R-rate hasn't fallen you're back to square one."

Speaking directly to anti-vaxxers, he finished: "They wouldn't be alive today if their parents hadn't been vaccinated against all the viruses we have now."

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