God Of High School Anime Trailer Arrives, And It's The Most Intense Thing You'll See All Day

Anime has the capability to take viewers to far-off lands where we see characters connect to each other in emotional moments that really make us think. Also, anime can also deliver shows that feature high schoolers beating each other up while dubstep blasts in the background. The latest trailer for Crunchyroll’s The God of High School is very much the latter.

The new look at the upcoming original series is exceptionally intense, featuring non-stop fight sequences with super-powered characters. Check it out for yourself below.


Based on the comic by Yongje Park, this Crunchyroll and WebToon production follows a high school student and his friends as the compete in a tournament to see who is the best fighter. However, they have to borrow powers from the gods and end up uncovering secrets about a mysterious organization.

The dubbed version of the series debuts on Crunchyroll on July 6, and it’s one of the many originals coming to the service in 2020. There is also Freakangels, a series about psychics living in a post-apocalyptic London; Nobleesse, which is about a vampire who wakes up in modern day after sleeping for 820 years; and Onyx Equinox, which follows an Aztec boy who is saved by the gods and becomes “humanity’s champion.” There are more coming as well, as Crunchyroll adds original content to its already large back catalog.

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