Good Morning Britain struck by Ofcom complaints after ‘pathetic’ Thomas Markle segment

Thomas Markle rules out suing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Good Morning Britain received a number of complaints after interviewing Meghan Markle’s father on the show. After Thomas Markle was featured on the ITV programme earlier this month, numerous viewers contacted Ofcom. A total of 55 complaints, the majority of which related to Thomas’ appearance on the show, were sent in to the broadcasting watchdog.

Earlier this month, Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley welcomed Thomas onto the programme to chat about his daughter Meghan.

He claimed he was hoping for a reunion with his estranged daughter and wanted to meet his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet.

During the interview, Thomas admitted he’s previously considered taking legal action against his daughter in order to secure visitation rights to the children.

However, he insisted he wouldn’t want to take things that far: “I don’t want to involve my grandchildren as pawns in a game, they’re not part of the game.

“I mean, they are my grandchildren,” he remarked.

Thomas claimed he was being “ghosted” by his daughter and admitted he would continue to make TV appearances until she agrees to speak to him.

“I’ve made it quite clear until I hear from her until she does speak to me that I’ll continue to do this.

“I will do a show for at least a month if I can get it through and eventually sooner or later she should start talking to me – this is way too childish.

“This is kind of silly. It’s time to talk with each other. We’re family,” he added.

Thomas also hit out at Meghan’s husband Prince Harry, branding his new tell-all book “shameful”.

Thomas claimed: “I think Harry has abandoned the Queen, the royal family, the British people and the Army. He’s abandoned them all.”

Upon seeing the interview, several Good Morning Britain viewers wrote to Ofcom to complain about Thomas’ appearance on the programme.

Meanwhile, others took to Twitter to hit out at the ITV show for speaking to Meghan’s father.

“I thought this rubbish would stop after #PiersMorgan walked off @GMB but alas, #GMB producers are the ones fixated on dragging down #MeganMarkle by interviewing this sick man #ThomasMarkle!! What a shame!!” MzMayRene fumed.

GarthMaul66 said: “@GMB bringing in Thomas Markle is pretty pathetic. Clearly out of touch with the British public if they think we want to see or hear from that man. Is there really nothing else worth talking about? #GMB are so out of touch.”

“Why does #GMB keep allowing Thomas Markle on the show to gaslight the f**k outta Meghan Markle again.. they guy is a idiot keeps saying he wants to make up with his daughter but yet does interviews slagging her off,” Beno_ldn added.

“I glad l missed that interview on #GMB with Thomas Markle why do they keep having him on the programme for? He got nothing left to say. Richard Madeley was right saying why doesn’t Thomas Markle just not shut up and accept the true about he daughter Meghan,” Vanessafield16 wrote.

However, some viewers seemed to feel sorry for Thomas and urged Meghan to listen to him.

Justinandkimsma said: “#gmb Poor #thomasmarkle , look at & listen to him – he’s old & ill & probably will be dead soon. For crying out loud – let him see his grandkids.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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