Grand Designs viewers say same thing about old house before project disaster

Grand Designs viewers were shocked and said the same thing when they tuned in to watch the "saddest ever" project on the Channel 4 show.

The Chesil Cliff house in north Devon took more than 10 years to build as owner Edward Short faced a series of fianncial challenges that set back his mega building project.

Originally with a budget of borrowing £1.8million from a bank, Edward planned to take down the old house sitting on top of a cliff and build a modern lighthouse home with 9 bedrooms, an infinity swimming pool and a mini cinema.

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"We want it modern, white, glistening white and lots of glass, so it will look striking and it should look fantastic, people will be able to see it at sea," Hazel says.

Edward added: "We do have a rotunda at one end and the lighthouse to have windows looking out at the view."

But Kevin said: "To me, to put a house on top of the cliff is madness! It's a cliff that's crumbling away!"

The original house is built in the 1950s and nestled between some of the best beaches, which attracts surfers to visit all year round.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the old house, which sat right below a motorway.

One said: "What exactly would have been so bad about just updating that original house?"

Another who claimed to be a local resident in the area, commented: "The house is five minutes up the road from us. Really wish he’d just developed the house that was already there."

"They were clearly pretty happy pre-build – keeping my fingers crossed," a third noted and a fourth added: "The old house was fine, I'd live in it."

A fifth also said he loved the original house as it looked solid and pretty huge.

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