'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Think Meredith's Leaving Speech Was Real, ‘Ellen Channeled All That Anger’

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its speeches. But one speech Meredith Grey gave about being guilted into staying at Grey-Sloan felt too real for some fans, who think Ellen Pompeo was speaking about her work situation. 

Meredith Grey gave a passionate speech about leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” picked up after Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) found out Meredith got a job offer in Minnesota. Grey-Sloan’s teaching program was also put on probation.

The episode ends with Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) telling Meredith not to come to Minnesota because she will only be worried about everyone at Grey-Sloan. Meredith had a lot to say about this.

“I have the right to leave,” she told him. “I’ve earned the right to leave. Other people from my residency class, they left and took other opportunities. I stayed. I worked. I researched. I won awards for that place! I did everything that was expected of me and then some, and now if I want to leave, I’m considered disloyal? It’s ridiculous! It’s absurd!”

In the end, Nick said they could wait a few months to save the hospital. Until then, he’ll stay and work at Grey-Sloan so they can be together. Meredith agreed.

Some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans think Meredith’s leaving speech was about Ellen Pompeo

Fans shared their reactions to the episode on Reddit. Some people found the last scene with Meredith talking about leaving as meta.

“Why do I feel like this is Ellen channeling feelings about wanting to leave the show?” one fan asked. “It felt very sincere,” someone else replied.

“Definitely said this when I saw it. That 100% felt like she was talking as Ellen and not as Meredith. Haha,” a third fan joked.

“I feel like Meredith’s rant there came from a personal place for Ellen Pompeo and her wanting to end the show,” a fan theorized.

“Ellen channeled all that anger from when she heard they were in fact not ending with season 18 into that speech,” someone else added.

There are people who feel like Meredith should be able to leave. “Why does everyone think Meredith owes them her life!?” one person asked.

“Not Mer being Stockholm’ed by Grey Sloan,” someone else commented.

Fans will have to keep watching. But it looks like Meredith is staying to save the program, and the show is continuing for another season.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will return for season 19

ABC renewed the medical show for a 19th season, and Pompeo signed a new deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dana Walden, chairman of entertainment at Walt Disney Television, gave a statement with the news.

Grey’s Anatomy is a true phenomenon, beloved by audiences around the world. Whether they catch it live on ABC, or stream it on Hulu or globally on Disney+ or Star+, it’s clear that fans can’t get enough of Shonda Rhimes’ brilliant creation,” Walden said. “We have enormous faith in Shonda, Krista Vernoff, Ellen Pompeo and the entire creative team to unlock new, untold stories that will continue to focus on modern medicine, tackle the issues that shape the world around us, and resonate deeply with loyal fans for years to come.” 

Pompeo reportedly got another salary increase for staying. It’s unclear if the show will continue past next season.

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