Has Kaitlyn Bristowe had plastic surgery?

BACHELOR star Kaitlyn Bristowe has gotten accused multiple times of going under the knife to improve her image.

The reality star has often spoken about her body image, saying that there is “pressure” with being in the spotlight.

Has Kaitlyn Bristowe had plastic surgery?

Kaitlyn Bristowe, 35, has been vocal in the past about her aesthetic procedures.

The reality star has debunked rumors of going under the knife various times but she did admit on social media to one procedure.

The Bachelor star shared details on her surgery on Instagram, writing: “I’m at a plastic surgeon office, so took advantage of the blue photo back drop. 

“Everyone seems to think I always go under the knife for surgery, but I haven’t till now. 

“Finally. I can share with you guys. I’m getting my ear lobes fixed. Wearing too many heavy Earings over the years can really pull the hole down so we’re gonna cut it and stitch it back up so I can rock some hooooooops. 

Adding: “The process takes 15 mins. Haha. K love you guys bye!!”

What did fans tell Kaitlyn Bristowe about her surgery?

Despite Bristowe admitting that this has been her first time getting surgery, fans have slammed her for getting fillers and botox.

One Instagram user commented on her photo, writing: “You could be honest and admit you use botox and fillers, the new "knife". No shame in that.”

Another chimed in: “this isnt ur first surgery”

However, a few showed their support and urged Bristowe for updates regarding the procedure.

One fan said: “I need mine done @kaitlynbristowe Are you seeing a doctor in Nashville? If so, do share.”

Another wrote: “Need this done as well. Please keep us posted! Ty”

A third said: “You don’t have to explain anything to anyone! You are the best and you don’t owe strangers anything💕💕”

Back in February 2021, Bristowe spoke about her lip fillers and botox on Instagram, writing: “Hey Kaitlyn are your lips real? Yeah. Real expensive!

Just like coloring my hair, using fun make up, fake lashes, skin care, I also like a little filler and botox. 

“I know I have an “influence”. I’m not saying you should go do it. 

“I’m saying do what you want with YOUR body. And if you’re gonna do it, go to @indierx.co cuz in my opinion, they’re the best in the biz. 

“I’m open to this Convo if you have any comments or questions! @elisabethsmithpa.”

Does Kaitlyn Bristowe have a boyfriend?

Bristowe is engaged to Jason Tartick, who competed in season 14 of The Bachelorette.

They got engaged on May 11, 2021.

The couple started seeing each other in 2019 and now live together in Nashville, Tennessee.

The pair have even adopted two rescued golden retrievers named Ramen Noodle and Pinot.

Speaking to E! about the possibility of Jason proposing, Kaitlyn said: "[Jason] knows I don't want to do my second proposal on TV. I've already done that."

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