'He makes me laugh': Lucy to reunite with 'brainy' pal Healy-Rae for a new TV project

They may seem like the original odd couple.

But TV presenter Lucy Kennedy is collaborating on a new TV project with controversial Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae. The pair got to know each other for her TV series ‘Living with Lucy’ and kept in touch afterwards.

“I might be doing something with him. Ever since we lived together, we’ve had this strange little bond between us. I love him, he just makes me laugh,” she said.

“He’s brainy and I’m thick. He’s there talking about the state of the country and I’m there talking about the state of my handbag.”

Meanwhile, she sought to address concerns over the welfare of Tayto Park’s animals at this weekend’s inaugural FunFest. Animal charities expressed concerns the loud music could cause undue stress to the zoo made up of over 100 inhabitants.

But Kennedy, who will be MCing the musical acts playing the two-day event, said every effort is being made to ensure minimal disruption to the animals.

“I’m the biggest softie in the world and as an animal lover, it was key in my mind. But the music and the stages are going to be far away from the animals and all the speakers are going to be pointing away from the zoo.”

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