Helen Skelton panics as Storm Barra threatens to force Winter on the Farm off-air

Winter on the Farm: Storm Barra almost stopped the show

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As Tuesday’s show opened, television presenter Helen, 38, explained that the live show was close to being cancelled and told viewers what would happen if they had to go off-air during the programme. Luckily, the Channel 5 farming show was able to continue for the scheduled hour without any major interruptions – but it didn’t stop Helen from airing her worries live on air.

Winds, rain and snow have hit several parts of the UK as the storm makes its presence felt.

Most places are on severe yellow weather warnings following guidance from The Met Office.

Although Storm Barra is not expected to be as extreme as its predecessor Arwen, which battered the UK over a week ago, Helen and co-host Jules Hudson, 51, were concerned while filming from Cannon Hall Farm, South Yorkshire.

Introducing Tuesday’s Winter on the Farm, Helen and Jules were wrapped up warm on the farm.

“Hello, it is Tuesday night,” the presenter commented.

“It has been really stormy over the last few hours, but we’re here, we’re in one piece, we’re relatively warm but we’re definitely live!”

Jules added: “We certainly are, now there have been storms across the UK in the last 24 hours, this was the scene here on the farm earlier, we genuinely weren’t sure if we’d go on air, were we?”

Footage showed heavy snow and strong winds covering the area, but luckily it seemed to have settled down.

“I’m sure plenty of you weren’t sure if you’d make it home it has been wet and wild out there,” Helen continued.

Later, Helen expressed her panic and issued a warning to viewers, stating the show may have to suddenly cut off-air.

She explained that if so, a repeat episode of The Yorkshire Vet would be shown.

Thankfully, the weather seemed to hold off for the Channel 5 show.

Viewers will know the real threat a storm can have on live TV.

The first week of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! was thrown into chaos thanks to Storm Arwen.

Initially, one live show was cancelled before a few more episodes were pulled altogether due to damage to the set and safety concerns.

Fans were pleased when the show was able to return after a few days of disruption.

Winter on the Farm celebrates all things farming, with plenty of nature and outdoor elements.

The series is filmed live, with the spin-off show Summer on the Farm filmed earlier in the year.

Viewers enjoy tuning in to catch up on the latest goings-on and to see ways farmers cope as the weather turns throughout the festive season.

Winter on the Farm continues on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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