Hellbound Netflix cast: Who is in the cast of new South Koren series?

Hellbound: Final trailer released by Netflix

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Hellbound is hoping to capitalise on the success of Netflix’s South Korean series – Squid Game. This new series will be very different though, focusing on demonic beings appearing around the Earth. When they arrive, they attack and kill specific victims, before returning into the abyss. Express.co.uk has all the details on the cast.

Who is in the cast of Hellbound?

Jin Gyeong-hun – Yang Ik-june

Leading the cast is Yang Ik-june as police officer Jun Gyeong-hun, who has just returned to work after an extended leave of absence.

He stepped away following the tragic death of his wife, though he quickly throws himself back into his work.

Investigating a strange series of hideous murders across the city, he soon realises these deaths have an otherworldly origin.

Yang is primarily known for his roles in Wilderness Part One and Two, It’s Okay, That’s Love, and The Innocent Man.

Min Hye-jin – Kim Hyun-joo

Kim Hyun-joo co-stars in the series as Min Hye-jin, a formidable lawyer whose own investigation leads to her crossing paths with Gyeong-hun.

She is investigating the mysterious and dangerous New Truth cult, a group which has a connection to the murders.

However, it soon becomes clear what is truly behind the murders is nothing human at all, and New Truth might have the answers to explain it.

Before Hellbound, Kim was best known for Undercover, Watcher, and Fantastic.

Jeong Jin-su – Yoo Ah-in

Leader of the New Truth cult, Jeong Jin-su is played by Yoo Ah-in.

Jeong is beloved by all his followers, but many follow him out of fear as they believe he is their only chance to avoid an eternity in hell.

Yoo can be seen in the similar film #Alive, which is also on Netflix, though it trades demons for zombies.

He also starred in Burning, Default, and Voice of Silence.

Bae Yeong-jae – Park Jeong-min

Park Jeong-min’s character of Bae Yeong-jae is connected to the plot by his own investigation of the New Truth cult.

As a television producer, he is trying to crack the story for the biggest break of his career.

This will lead him into contact with Hye-jin and Gyeong-hun, with the three of them piecing together the mystery.

Park could recently be seen in Deliver Us from Evil, Start-Up, and Mr Sunshine, though he also starred in the South Korean remake of Entourage.

Hong Ji-yeong – Won Jin-ah

Won Jin-ah plays Yeong-jae’s wife – Hong Ji-yeong, but she won’t be providing him with a lot of support throughout the series.

In fact, she ends up joining the New Truth cult, not only complicating Yeong-jae’s investigation, but also the foundations of their marriage.

Won is a relative newcomer to acting, first appearing in films such as No Tomorrow and Steel Rain.

More recently, she appeared in shows such as She Would Never Know and Nal Nokyeojuo.

Hellbound will premiere on November 19 exclusively on Netflix.

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