Holby City fans sick of storyline as killer Cameron makes surprise return

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Cameron Dunn made an unexpected return to Holby City on Tuesday night, with sinister plans to blow up the hospital.

But some fans were displeased that the writers decided to bring the character back.

Known to viewers as Doctor Death, Cameron caused havoc in Holby earlier this year, but was thankfully caught red handed for his unlawful crimes after an agonisingly long period of time.

But it looks like Holby City have decided that Cameron will make an explosive return, which has left some viewers rather annoyed.

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Taking to Twitter, fans aired their disappointment.

One spectator penned: "What on earth made the scriptwriters re-open this saga? We were heartily sick of it the first time."

A second viewer questioned: "Just why are you putting us through Cameron Part II? it was bad enough the first time round…didn’t you pick up the mood of the room then?

A third said: "What was the point in bringing Cameron back…"

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"Got so bored with the Cameron drama at #HolbyCity so I took a break with Jac. I hope this time it’s over with quickly," a fourth wrote.

Throughout the episode evil Cameron appeared to be making bombs in the hospital basement.

But although he thought no one had noticed him walking through the wards due to his dishevelled appearance, Henrik Hanssen kept his beady eyes on him as he watched the murderer in the CCTV cameras.

Later on in the show, after planting his supposed bombs in the hospital, Henrik bumps into Cameron outside of the premises.

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Henrik said: "Well you had us all fooled again. The world has underestimated you Dr Dunn."

"With what consequences though?"

Cameron replied: "You'll see."

But as Dr Hanssen tries to convince Cameron to get some help, he walks into the road and is hit by an ambulance.

Although viewers were happy that the twisted doctor was hit by the moving vehicle, some were still concerned about the bomb that he previously made in the basement.

Taking to Twitter again, one fan said: "So Cameron got hit by an ambulance and they still don’t know about the bomb in the basement?"

Another asked: "Cameron down but what about the bomb??"

It looks like viewers will just have to find out the fate of those in the hospital next week.

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